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  1. Nice collection of history and information, and great flies. Well Done!
  2. They look pretty good, but I would suggest adding more action to them using marabou, arctic fox, or rabbit strips as tails on both. And on the second one, it will ride hook up from the lead eyes.
  3. Nice tie, sir! I've seen several flies tied similarly to yours, and I have to ask, what's the advatages to reversed tie?
  4. I don't know for posts, but antron makes great loop wings. Gary Lafontaine made a lot of great patterns using antron loop wings. But for what your askin', then I would stick with the foam!
  5. I just find it easier to just make my own than to go out and buy one.
  6. Thanks for the info, cencalfly, I am very familiar with alot of the places you mentioned especially the San Joaqin, which I like up near Mona Hot Springs. But I'm lookin for the places without a big ol bulls eye on the map. I love fishin spring creeks and am not afraid of a good hike, so if you know abot any of those, PLEASE tell me!
  7. I second that! An Elk- Hair caddis, Klinkhammer, Hare's Ear Nymph, or a Pheasant tail nymph are also all good (large and small) trout flies
  8. This site here has a few damsel fly patterns. Marabou Damsel
  9. I know a guy, Neil Pultz, who is probably one of the best bass popper tyers in California, he handcarves and paints his own popper bodies. But any ways, here is a link to some of his flies so you can study them a bit. Neil Pultz
  10. I am a big fan of the blood knot as well, Silver Creek, but I never thought of using the waste ends as dropper lines. How effective is it?
  11. Hey, Just wanting to see what everyone's favorite insect is, what species, and what stage of the life cycle. Please tell me if I missed one, because I know how much a part LOCAL insects can play in a trouts life. And, I gotta say, my personal favorite is grannom caddis pupa. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  12. I've found that chironomid hook size can go from 12 to 28. It just mainly depends on where you are fishing at.
  13. I like to nymph without an indicator, I just find it to be easier that way. My favorite rig on browns and rainbows is having Bead Head Stonefly imitation or Enchanted Prince(Lafontaine's pattern) in a size 12 or 14, then with a Lightning Bug, Hare's Ear, or Twist nymph in a size 16- 18 as a dropper.
  14. Hey panama, if ever make your way over to the West coast, you have GOT to hit the Sierras!
  15. I don't belive there is a proper way to really do anything. For both bass and panfish, it wouldn't ruin the presentation or cause lost fish. If that works for you and your conditions, then by all means, continue doing it! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  16. Wonderful source of information and beautiful feathers. Well done!
  17. Good Luck with the tying Archimedes, hopefully we'll be seeing some good patterns out of you soon enough!
  18. I would really, really appreciate that, sir! Here, e-mail me [email protected] so we can talk more about it. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  19. Thank you, sir! I have been tying for about two years now and I love it! I do a little commercial tying, local and not much, but it keeps me going. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  20. So simple it's smart! What foam did you use?
  21. Here is an absolute trout slaying nymph! It doesn't look like much and the picture doesnt give it justice, but it looks like candy to trout. It uses Gary Lafontaine's Double Magic (or twist) technique in both the body and thorax. Hook: 2x long size 12- 16 nymph hook of choice Weight: Gold,copper,or black bead appropriate for hook Thread: 8/0, color to match dubbing used Tail: Turkey tail barbs Body: Turkey tail fibers and dubbing(70% hare's ear, 30% matching color antron), double magic style Thorax: Peacock Herl and dubbing used in body, double magic style Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  22. Hello, I also own what I BELIEVE to be a platinum grizzly hackle, but you can tell me if it is or not. The hackle is between, like you said Rockworm, size 10 and 20. I recieved it as a beautiful gift from a master tyer who admired what I was doing for being 14, and I hate using it but I have to, for it is the only grizzly cape I own. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  23. Thanks imx and PlanetTrout, but unfortunately with being 14 years old my fishing range is quite small, restricted to the west side of the Sierras. But nevertheless, I appreciate the information! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
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