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  1. Here is my preferred show... https://wasatchexpo.com (April of 2018) Unfortunately it's way out of the way for most of the east coast folks on this thread though. I like how a lot of the innovators of the sport seem to gather at the Wasatch/Intermountain show. I can't compare it to the Massachusetts show yet as I've never had the opportunity to attend it as of yet.
  2. Hey Anthony, Great suggestions on this topic so far... I'm gonna go a slight different direction though. As I figure in my time into the cost of tying bugs, I surely don't save much. My non fly tying freinds often tease me that they spend more time on the waters while I am at the vise. That being true...you might end up enjoying the tying aspect of the sport more than you do the fishing! I dig them both, so I don't mind. I don't consider it "lost" time. ____________ As your budget allows in the future, don't be too hesitant to purchase high quality tying materials from your local brick and mortar fly shop. No matter what part of the country I have visited, there has always been kind folks in the shop that are willing to impart their vast decades of knowledge of patterns, timing, technique and other tips that they have accumulated in their local area. Always increases my knowledge, success and fun on the water. Often, they are also very generous with their time and will show a novice how to tie a "local" pattern unique to their area... right at the store counter. It might be more expensive at your local fly shop...but in my opinion, it is a small price to pay for the humble and kind advice provided by the pros and experts at your local shop. Good luck and have fun in your newly found hobby! -Dorado
  3. Hey pdk, As you start to tie, you might consider trying out some of the swaps here on the forum . I find it a great way to challenge my skills and motivate me to try new styles.
  4. From Abrams Creek in the Smokeys, to the Kamchatka in Russia, to the Seychelles Archipelago, and numerous other destinations, it's now been over a year since this dream list was created... so of the 30+ folks who contributed to the list, has anyone actually checked anything off their bucket list? If so, was it everything you imagined it to be???
  5. Just got mine today. Out of the 20 or so swaps i've done over the years on the FTF, this is one of my favorite sets to date! Crazy variety and awesome quality. Nice tying y'all! Hoping to catch some 20+ inch browns and bows on the Green River with this bunch. Thanks for hosting Bream! Dorado
  6. Hey BB, Flies were mailed and you should get them on July 31. Sorry I was cutting it close. I wasn't happy with my Black Ghost attempts...looked like crap. So I tried to perfect a bead head black stone. Turned out much better than the ugly ghosts that I whimper out on. Guess the ultimate challenge was just that for me! Thanks for hosting and I look forward to seeing the great ties all have been challenging themselves with the past couple of months. -Dorado
  7. Nice job all. Received mine today. I will be working these on a blue ribbon river this week! I'll post pics if I land any Browns, Bows, or Cuts with one of this groups' flies. Thanks for the extra tying material Dubs. -Dorado
  8. Hey Dubs, Mailed my bugs Yesterday, they should make it to you on Thursday. Thanks for hosting, -Dorado
  9. Hey Dubs. Please put me down for an emerger.
  10. My set arrived. Sweet flies y'all. Thanks to Dubs for hosting a very smooth swap.
  11. Just received the bugs...very impressed. Thanks to all...especially Vicente for hosting the swap. Also thanks for the gift ... I've never used that material and am excited to try it out on my next batch of flies. Thanks again Vicente. -Dorado
  12. Hey Dubs, Sent my bugs to you yesterday. My Emergent Sparkle Pupa, should arrive to you on Monday. Thanks for hosting this swap. -Dorado
  13. Thanks again for hosting Vicente. Look forward to seeing everyone's favorite bugs. -Dorado
  14. Bugs sent today! Should arrive on Thursday. Thanks.
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