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  1. Great story sandflyx, thanks for sharing that! I also have an original unused kit that I bought on ebay that I display at my tying area.
  2. Started 45 years ago with a H.J. Noll kit.
  3. Messing around with organza ribbon.
  4. Nice job, beautiful fly.
  5. Safety razors have been around for well over a hundred years and are far from "outdated". Doubt you'll see them disappear in next hundred. FWIW, good is an antonym of cheap.
  6. Seems like a decent concept, but I would have to balk at the price.
  7. "Good cheap"........good oxymoron.
  8. A non-jig hook used with a slotted tungsten bead can be tied to have the bead ride above the center line of the hook shank.
  9. McFly, A competition nymph rod is tailored for Euro nymphing techniques, lighter, better balanced, mid-flex and slower action to generalize. Sage and some others make fine competition rods but they come at a premium price also.
  10. If a 10', mid-flex, with a .340" diameter butt that weighs in at 3 ounces, with a lifetime warranty, for $300 or less, can be bought from there, I'd say go for it if you were looking for a nymph rod.
  11. Syndicate Fly Fishing is headquartered in Tennessee, I believe. http://syndicateff.com/ At the price point, I don't believe you can buy a better rod. No breakage problems that some of the other rods mentioned suffer from. I was told they are sourced from Korea or Taiwan but can't vouch for that.
  12. I use a Syndicate P2 10' 3 wt. competition nymph rod with 4x or 5x tippet. It will land large trout easily and quickly. Less lost fish and fewer exhausted fish. I'm sure some of the other competition rods mentioned will do the same.
  13. Nice video McFly. If I could only give you one suggestion, it would be to try to keep your rod tip lower while fighting the fish. Try about 45 degree rod angle, keeps more pressure on the fish so he is less likely to have his way with you. Thanks for the video.
  14. UTC serves my needs fine and I've never had fraying issues in comparison to any other threads........YMMV
  15. Wolff Apex......best $90.00 you could spend on a vise.
  16. I tied some up a few years ago. They looked very nice and caught fish. Unfortunately, I too had durability problems with the bodies. I decided not to use that technique anymore as there are more durable ways to make an extended body. My flies are tied to use not to look at so they have to hold together.
  17. Nice to hear that kind of information and thanks for sharing it.
  18. There are plenty of scuds in fast moving water in any state, including here in Pennsylvania. They are excellent, strong swimmers.
  19. Nice video, well done. Only thing I noticed as pointed out, was the .15 lead wire. That would make a really chubby Copper John.
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