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  1. Thanks man. Yeah give it a go. Let me know how it turns out for ya. Not heard of the rubber legs pattern. Sorry.
  2. Thanks for the info, yeah we drank lots and lots of water.
  3. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for redfish and speckled trout can be amazing, especially off the Texas coast. However it can also be very hot! The temperatures were reaching 100, and there was absolutely no wind. We were so hot. We had to wear waders because in the heat like this, the flesh eating bacteria is all through the water, and any cut or bug bite could end up getting infected. So we were very hot, and it was brutal fishing. Just a couple of hours and you feel wiped out. However Johnny was able to get a nice rat red and an almost legal speck. I only ended up getting a small sand trout and 2 croaker. So it wasn't the best trip ive ever taken. But that seems to be my luck when I get down to the gulf. Hopefully next trip I can get myself a nice redfish. The flies I used were mainly redfish cracks and game changers. I also threw a small dubbed style shrimp fly, and a surf candy. Nothing seemed to work great for me. However Johnny had great luck with the redfish crack, and that is what he caught all of his fish on. Funny thing, that is the same exact pattern and size I was using all day, but he seemed to get them, and I didnt. Just luck of the draw I guess.
  4. OK sorry guys, let me rephrase what I said. There are trout yes, but its not the most common fish for people to fish here. As for the Guadalupe to be the top 10 best fisheries, I highly doubt that. But I have fished it, and it does well in the winter months. Problem is, when it gets too hot, even if the fish hold over, they will be lethargic and you could actually kill them if you catch them. So I don't target the trout in the summer since Im not looking to keep fish. Is there a way to fish them in the summer and not kill them? Maybe, but I don't want to take that chance. I have caught a trout in the summer, but it was on accident while fishing for bass. I released it as quick as I could and tried not to stress it much.
  5. Ok thanks for the info. I guess I got it wrong. Someone sent me a picture of something like this, asked me to tie it for them, and they called it a chili pepper fly. I should have done more research before making a tying video on it.
  6. The Chili Pepper is obviously a variant of the crazy Charlie. Its almost identical with a few small differences. One, the color is always either orange or red, usually brightly orange. The other difference is the addition of some flash as a sort of tail off the bend of the hook. Other than that, its quite similar. It is effective for bonefish in the flats, and I know people that have success with other species like redfish and even carp as well for flies tied similar to this The beauty of any crazy Charlie variant is they are not difficult to tie. In fact they are down right easy and quick flies to tie. There are some challenges that come into play when tying them, but once you get them down, you can tie them fairly quickly and fill up a flats box in no time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeX00lM4Cyk&feature=youtu.be
  7. Yeah, there aren’t really great trout fishing in Texas. In the winter the Guadalupe does well but it’s mostly stocked fish.
  8. Yeah the kayakers can be crazy for sure.
  9. I was able to make it out and fish with Paul for a few hours. We got there very early and fished until it was just too hot. Which was around 12. In fact Paul left around 11, and I continued to fish for another hour until I just couldn't anymore. The fishing was good, and I was able to get a couple Rio's and bass, but mostly it was sunfish for me. Which is usual on this river. Seems like I always and getting the sunnies, but rarely get any decent bass.
  10. The Gamechanger was originally created by Blane Chocklett and consists of multiple "spines" to make a moveable tail. The pattern has soon become a more "style" of flies rather than one specific pattern. People use feathers to make feathered gamechangers, You can make your own dubbing brush to create one with specific materials, or you can go with Chockletts own game changer chenille that he created to make tying these a little easier. I went with the latter for this fly, however you are welcome to experiment with different materials to make it your own design. Whatever material you use, the trick with this fly is making sure that it tapers correctly, so that way the tail moves fluidly in the water. They work great for just about any species of fish that target small baitfish. Bass, pike, predatory brown trout, and even some saltwater species like redfish and tarpon. Not only can you make a very realistic looking baitfish imitation with this style of fly, but you can also make a realistic swimming imitation. There are times where I will go out and throw everything in my box at bass or other weary fish and will get some followers, but none seem to want to commit. Then I throw one of these on, and the same bass that followed the other flies all the way up only to change their mind last minute will not hesitate to engulf the game changer. The combination of the amazing movement, and the great look of this fly usually will entice even the most shy fish.
  11. Nice trout man. Yeah so have you heard they are stocking cutbow? I wasn’t sure if it was one.
  12. I was able to fish the San Juan River on my final day of this amazing trip. I made the 13 hour drive out from Texas to Farmington NM where my cousin lives and stayed at his house. Then was able to fish the San Juan River before driving out another 7 hours to Six Lakes fishing resort in Utah where I did some amazing fishing for some beautiful rainbow, brown, and tiger trout. I even got a nice bass there. Then drove back to my cousins and stayed at his house again before being able to fish the San Juan River one final day. The first day I fished the San Juan on my trip out, the weather got in the way of me catching as many fish as I had hoped for. However, Finally on this last day fishing, I was able to land quite a few very nice fish. I had one of the best days I have ever had on the Juan, and caught one of the largest fish I have ever caught on this amazing river. Located in the north west corner of New Mexico, the San Juan River is a destination fly fishing river. People come from all over the world to fish this river, and for good reason. It is teaming with trout and other wildlife. However this means that it is very busy. Lots of people are fishing, and its not uncommon to see people shoulder to shoulder in the good spots. I find my best luck fishing happens when I go exploring for more secluded spots. And this is what happened on this trip. I went on a walk through what are called the braids and to the back end of the river where there usually isn't too many people, and was able to land a very nice fish that had to be over 20". Then I drove down to another more secluded area called Munos, where I was able to get a few browns in the net.
  13. A large gamechanger with a twirl tail. This is 7” without the twirl tail. So quite large. IMG_0010.mp4
  14. Yes, bass is the intention, they are about 2” long. They work quite well. The tails move beautifully, just like any game changer. But the small size helps entice even the more weary bass. Ive not fished pickerel, so I can’t contest to its effectiveness with them. I’ve caught some trout with them also….
  15. Some gamechangers in multiple colors
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