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  1. So earlier this week I made a review video on a dubbing brush table I recently got. In the video I showed a sped up video of me tying this fly. Here is the full video. This is a very quick and easy fly to tie once you get a good dubbing brush table. And its very effective. Redfish cracks are some of my most used flies in the salt water where I live. And I suspect this version would work great for bass. If you don't have a dubbing brush table, you can use a dubbing loop to make this instead, just they take much longer.
  2. For sure, I agree. Im an early bird, but when I go down, I stay with my buddy who likes to stay up late. LOL. He never is up before 7:30, so I usually don't get on the water till later. I need to one day just tell him to go to bed, and we can be out on the water early. But im staying at his house so I don't really feel its fair to tell him what to do. HAHAHHA.
  3. Thanks glad you liked it. Yeah I love making my own brushes, much much better than being stuck with what you can buy in the stores.
  4. Lol! For sure! Then it would break or blow up also. Hahaha
  5. I got this brand new dubbing brush table from Oasis Benches. They have been out for less than a month at the time of this video. Its a great brush maker and is absolutely beautifully built, as everything is from Oasis. This is a major upgrade from my last table, and the best I've seen in this price range. This doesn't require a motor or foot peddle, it sits nicely on any table and stores easy as well. This makes spectacular brushes quickly and easily. If you want to get one of these, go to https://www.oasisbenches.com/dubbing-brush-table/. They are only $119 and will pay for themselves in brushes if you tie regularly.
  6. Yeah, it actually wasn’t hot weather months though. 65 degrees that day. Sucked. We were out on the water at 7:30 or so. Left at daybreak from his house.
  7. I was able to make another fishing trip down to Corpus Christi Texas to do some gulf saltwater fishing for redfish and speckled trout. I planned this trip 3 days prior to leaving, and the weather changed the last day. I decided to go anyway in hopes the weather would change again but it didn't. The first day we got out there, we were all setup, walking from the car to wade in our spot, then saw lightning strike not too far away. We decided that our lives were not worth risking for some redfish. Thats the problem with fishing saltwater, especially in the gulf. Weather can turn on you quickly. So the first whole day was a bust, and Johnny didn't get to fish. The end of the day the weather improved a little and I headed out alone, because Johnny had to watch his son as his wife went to work. I did not have luck even though I fished a few spots ive had luck with before. It seemed that the storm sent these fish out deep, to where I couldn't get to. I only had 1.5 days to fish, so I was hoping the next half day of fishing I was able to get something. We went out, and the wind was pushing 30mph, with 40mph gusts. Very difficult to fly fish in those conditions. I had the flies hitting me in the back of the head, and had to do many side casts to keep the fly low and out of the wind. Johnny didn't even bother messing with the fly rod, honestly I don't blame him. He was able to hook and land a slot red, one very nice size actually. This redfish had some major shoulders on it and fought quite nicely.
  8. Yes it rides point up. Well actually i recently watched a video from tightlines that shows nymphs don’t ride hook “down” or “up” but rather forward and backward. Jig flies ride backwards, and therefore snag less often.
  9. I lived near sheep herding country a while back. The locals there seemed to call adult sheep mutton as it was more tough than the lamb. At least for eating that is. I have no idea about the fur though.
  10. You must be talking about the part where I was showing the bead and what orientation it should sit at. I’m guessing you turned off the sound and didn’t hear me talking on it. I can see where someone might think nothing is happening and my fingers are in the way there.
  11. Perdigon flies are pretty simple flies to tie, yet very effective. They are tied on jig hooks with tungsten slotted beads to make it swim hook point up. They get hung up on the bottom less often, and also are very heavy and sink quickly. Great flies for fishing euro nymphing style, yet also work great as a lead fly to get other smaller flies down. Best of all, most perdigon flies can be tied very quickly, and therefor you can bust out 15-20 of them in an hour and fill a box in an afternoon.
  12. I was told by many of my followers on YouTube that it was a guad. I do believe the guads are there. There was a small rough patch on the tounge so I think it was a guad. I head though that the Guadalupe bass will breed with smallmouth so, many times you will find hybrids.
  13. The Blanco and Guadalupe River are two rivers that are close to San Antonio where I live. I had not fished the Blanco River State Park before so I decided to head up there and give it a try. Right off the bat I caught a decent little bass, but things ended up slowing down a bit after that. I did get a nice sunfish there as well. Then, I decided to head down to the Guadalupe River State Park and try it there. I had fished there before, but more down at the rapids area. I decided to go up stream, however being a weekend it was super busy. Too many people in the water swimming and splashing around. Made for a difficult time fishing. I got a few sunfish but, nothing big. And between the two state parks, I headed to the Guadalupe river at a location I am not going to disclose, but its a good place to kayak. Unfortunately it was too deep in most spots to wade. However, from the bank I got a decent little bass. I was happy to fish even though it wasn't super productive. I did see how my new flies Ive been working on produce. They worked well, and with a few more tweaks I think I can have a great couple of patterns for fishing bass in and around South Texas.
  14. Yeah seems like a soft hackle fly for sure. Not sure how that stays dry though, no hackle or CDC. I guess the soft hackle itself will keep it on top of the water when using floatant?
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