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  1. I blend rabbit with a holographic flash. Use to be sold by Superfly and they called it Diamond Dub Holographic (hence the name DDH). I forget the name Hareline sells it under but they do carry it.
  2. Opps, got the order of the flies wrong the second is the DDH Leech and the first is the DDH Minnow.
  3. The DDH Leech is one colour of dubbing for the whole body, so if I am tying a brown DDH then the tail is a rust brown marabou with the same colour of dubbing for a body. With the minnows I use three different colours of dubbing for the body. Case in point the tan DDH Minnow will have a tan marabou tail then the body (for the size of hook I use ) is 2 clumps of tan dubbing, two clumps of red for the throat and four clumps of an olive bronze UV synthetic for the head. There are time when I switch out the bead chain eyes and use 6mm plastic eyes. Take a look below the first fly is a DDH Leech and the second is the DDH Minnow. I do the minnow in white, tan, and pale yellow. The third fly is what I call a DDH Head. Only two colours and can be any combination you like.
  4. I wish actually that is East Goose Lake and is located in the town of Roblin. What a great little fishery.
  5. The fly we were using were DDH Minnows. My son was using white while I used a tan colour. Kevin never changed the fly all weekend.
  6. Headed out to the Parklands area for some trout and man was it fun. My son, Kevin, caught most of the big Tigers, 1-27, 3-26, 1-24, and 1-20 inches. He also had a few smaller fish as well. For myself I had 4 Bows from 22-24, a 26 Tiger and a few more from 14-19 inches. What a weekend. A couple of pictures.
  7. Couple of buddies caught these beauties. Wish it was me!
  8. Well the book is getting closer to publication. As of now it is 65% complete. I do have another editing round to go in the next couple of weeks so it should be out mid July.
  9. Just got my copy of this book and let me tell you it is awesome. Loaded with tips and tricks to make poppers out of cork, wood, or foam and Kirk also shows how to apply different bodies from foil and paint. Truly works of art. As you can see they do work. For more info go to www.facebook.com/TyingBugs
  10. I also have been using elastic bands for years, 1970 to be exact, And although they don't last I have taken a whole pile of fish on them. They are especially effective on Carp. What I do is go to the Dollar Store and pick up a bag of hair elastics. Get about 250 of them for a buck or two.
  11. Size 12 hook and the beads are called Black Shadow.
  12. Or what I thought were all chironomids when I was in my 20's. Anyway found the dressings for these flies in an old note book and decided to tie them again. Didn't turn out to bad.
  13. There are a few stocked trout lakes on the west side of Manitoba that have Brookies up to 30 inches, in fact the biggest caught is 32 1/2. Wish I would have caught that one. Other than the stocked trout lakes there are some rivers up north that have fantastic trout in them. God's River would be the best. I help a lodge out a few years ago guiding 3 clients for them They caught 42 trout in 2 days of fishing and here is the scary thing, they were all over 20 inches with the biggest being 26. They has some great fishing.
  14. Yep do a lot of blind casting, it helps when you know what type of structure is available. Mid to late October I will head down to the river to take pictures and mark the holes. Spring time my arms get a workout. Anyway Clouser's and Woolly Buggers work extremely well as does a DDH Leech (my favorite pattern). There are times I will use a Caddis Emerger and a beige Montana nymph. So I work the water column from top to bottom. Picture of a DDH Below
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