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  1. this is what i meant. the long and the short of it is,,,,,,,i want to make a pedestal base out of concrete. i need the nut, to embed in the concrete, to receive the vise stem holder. i was really stumped about the thread size at first as well. it wasn't until i counted them and Googled, that i was able to figure out it was a unef thread. the only reason that i can figure that Wolff went with this thread pitch is because of how fine the pitch is for the application. the holder has a lock nut that is tightened after the position of the finger nut for the stem is determined. this prevents more of the base threads being exposed. unfortunately, it also ensures that this vise/stem is not used with any other pedestal then the one provided. (look by the yellow hopper fly)
  2. if you are standing in the water for extended periods of time, go with the heavier knit. in the end, it is easier to vent if over heating, verses adding a layer from thin air.
  3. solved (i think)..... it is a 3/8-32 UNEF thread. it is used in the electronics field for variable resistors. this explains why the sizers at Home Depot didn't work and why it isn't on a NC/NF chart. now for the impossible. finding a nut that is 3/4' thick with that thread pitch.
  4. the stem holder is threaded, and screws into the base.
  5. does anyone know what the thread size and pitch is that is used on the Apex Vise stem holder? thnx
  6. i hate to do this......... i will not be able submit flies for this swap. my new job is eating all my time; and i've barely have had time to fart, let alone tie flies. my humblest apologies.
  7. luv it. having worked with carbon composite, i think he might be onto something with those jaws. toughness over hardness and a grippy surface. smart.
  8. i'm referring to the safety pin bending out and losing the whole works. my thought would be to use magnets to hold the zinger in place. one on the back of of the zinger, and one on the opposing side of the fabric.
  9. cool widget. my problem is with pin on zingers. i've lost more gear attached to zingers then any other way. does anyone make a zinger that uses magnets as a means of attachment?
  10. my Indian Regal knock-off is giving up the ghost. smaller hooks are starting to slip. it has done a fair job up to this point. if i was south of the border, i would have already ordered an Apex vise from Goduster. damn currency exchange......
  11. i totally agree. tackiness can be dealt with in a number of ways. a fly ruined by discolouration is garbage.
  12. guys like him are getting rarer everyday.
  13. 2 hours. and if you ask again when this thread hits 10 pages, the answer will be the same...... 2 hours, lol.
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