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  1. Hoping somebody can help on this one, a guy asked me to tie him a dozen Apple Caddis Pupa flys, I've been searching for over an hour but cant find anything, does any body have a pattern by that name ? Thanks in advance Ed
  2. Mvendon, your very close it was carded but smaller card the name on the card is The Angler's Supply House Williamsport Pa. and the name stamped on the back BUFF I found a web sight for them but I got a mail demon saying it cant' be delivered, I talked to one guy that goes up that way fishing, he said he use to buy his fly tying stuff there but they went out of business years ago. I think flytire might have something, I'll have to check out some craft stores.
  3. Guess I didn't explain my self to clearly, by spun fur I ment when I bought it, it was marketed as Spun Fur but to me it looked like angora I'm guessing it was about 1/16 of an inch thick and very soft. By Wool I ment it was rough to the feel, was about 1/32 of an inch thick , they both came on a card I'm guessing about 5 foot in length. The color Tan is close I just don't know if its close enough. Years ago I was fishing a Light Cahill wet fly, Brown hackle tail, white wool body, brown hackle, and a wood duck, I only had one with me and after the third trout and 3 or 4 hrs. of fishing at was useless. A little while later a fellow fly fishermen came by and we chatted briefly, When I told him of my luck he opened his box and said here's a couple Light Cahill's for you, I could see the body's were a different color, when I asked him he said it was a buff colored body they work better. I started using Buff for the bodies and my catch rate went up, so who am I to argue about a color that works better. As described by Wikipedia Buff is the pale yellow-brown colour of the undyed leather of several animals. Also from Wikipedia Tan is the pale tone of brown the name is derived from tannum used in the tanning of leather, the first recorded use of Tan as a color name was in English was in the year 1590. Bottom line is they are close in color I'm just not sure if they are close enough.
  4. I'm hoping somebody can help me locate a material either spun fur or wool the color is Buff , one guy said they quit making it, I'm thinking some where some body has it have it .
  5. Wow so much information on deer hair, everybody I know lets the butchers keep the hide, so I guess I'm going to have to become a road kill hunter, but at any rate it was a very fine and informative article thanks to everybody posted information. Ed
  6. E-Bay ? not for me, maybe years ago it was ok but I've been watching items on e-bay for a couple years now and 99% of any thing worth while, it seems there are about 4 to 6 ( just my guess ) people that either have more money than they know what to do with, or are dealers that out bid everybody else, for me e-bay is a look and laugh at page.
  7. Getting kind of old to start studying bugs and things, what I'm wondering is do caddis flys hatch in still water or in riffles ?
  8. Thanks Vicrider, I'll give that a try, it cant hurt, the worst that can happen is I still wont catch anything on the mop.
  9. I must be fishing over very smart trout, I didn't get out much this year but so far I've cough 38 trout, I fish 2 flys and had the mop fly on in different colors as my lead fly every minute I fished, score as of today 1 on the mop fly and 37 on regular flys, maybe I can catch some pan fish on them.
  10. phg, who makes a 2X short 2X wide hook don't think I've ever heard of that size. For hooks that you wonder why you bought you could give them to TU I cant speak for all TU chapters but our chapter teaches fly tying 100% free so any donations are welcomed, and some of the members that can afford it occasionally will but something for the cause.
  11. I want to think everybody that replied, after spending today trying to figure it out I've come to the conclusion one would have to stick with one brand of hook like Daiichi, Tiemco, Mustad, Fly Shack or what ever brand you prefer, in order to make any kind of sense of it. Today I looked at chart after chart even they don't agree one chart said Temco 921 is a 1X short hook, another chart said Temco 921 was a 2Xshort hook. So in order to keep me from going batty I'm just going to use what ever size looks good to me I'm not going to worry weather its a Std. length, a 1,2,3 X long or a 1,2,3, short as long as it looks good to me. I know from past topics there are some dyed in the wool fans of certain brands of hooks, me personally I'll try any hook if I like them I don't care what the name is or where they are made at, but I have been wondering how many hooks does every body have on hand ???
  12. Don't feel bad Mike its not loading for me either :-(
  13. What are the X's actually mean in hook sizes ? For example a size 12 hook does 1X Short mean the gap of that hook is size 12 but the length is the length of a size 14, and so on and so on hook size 12- 2XShort gap of size 12 but length would be size 16 ???
  14. I'm sure some of you guys and bought Whiting High and Dry necks, I was looking for some info in them but the only thing I was listed was that they will tie from size 8 down to a size 18, I tie way to many fly's smaller than size 18 to put down $50.00 for that kind of neck. I did look into Saddles but I'm guessing the supply has not caught up from the hair craze from a few years ago.
  15. Here are a few pics of how some of my fly heads turn white, why I don't have the least idea, I checked to make sure I was not using waxed thread, checked to make sure my head cement was not thick, the brand of head cement is Rumph's When I get a chance I'll post some of my other flies tied the same time with same material and thread and they did not turn white.
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