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  1. Ha! I get it. I remember my dad looking forward to retiring so he could fish more. I also remember a few years after he started fishing more he took a part time menial labor job because he wanted to work more. I'm like him. Ive always liked working but I really enjoy working when theres no good reason to work other then the great feeling I get from working. In a few years my wife will be retired and we can begin our retirements in earnest with lots of travel and a smattering of fishing thrown in for good measure. It's official, I'm different. Ive enjoyed my shop over the years but I've had it so long it makes me think I'm at a job I hate when I'm in there. I have built everything I've desired to build and I've remodeled my house for the last time. I'm ready to liquidate all my woodworking tools and actually use my garage to park cars. I already got rid of my bandsaw. The floor drill press, jointer and planer might be next. The table saw may be difficult but that takes up the most room and all I do is wax the top of it anymore.
  2. Well I like work, working and fishing. I'm fortunate that when I am working I don't ever have a thought that I should be out fishing. Well not often anyway. at 48 degrees i would rather be at work looking out the window. Watching videos of people fishing generally bore me as well. I wish I didn't think this way but I do. I'm not so sure I could replace work with fishing which is probably why I still work and still enjoy going to work every morning and fishing once or twice a week. Surely I can't be the only one who likes work, can I? Maybe I need help.
  3. It's been a while since I fished new water and I won't until I retire for the 3rd time in a few more years. I live in a densely populated area of the state with little public access to water. My local state park has a WW creek that I love to fish after dinner when I have a few hours to kill. Most nights I'm by myself despite the number of people and limited public water access. What I've been doing lately is fishing the same areas but changing fish. I've watched the SMB population decline on my creek to the point where catching one is a treat so I began fishing the same creek for carp. It's been a blast so far. The Delaware river SMB population has been decimated over the last five years. It was normal to catch 30 to 40 in a morning but now you can fish all day and hope for a 1/2 dozen. Most say the decline was flooding but that's just pure wishful thinking. I'm convinced it's the flathead catfish explosion that are nearing 50 lbs. people who say flatheads have nothing to do with it are simply flathead aficionados or are full of shit. The short version of my long story is, this year I'm going to the same spots on the river but I'm going to night fish for flatheads. I'm looking forward to learning something new. Last fall I rediscovered a lake that I grew up fishing but stopped fishing over 30 years ago. i will fish this lake some more but it's hardly a new or secret spot. I am prepared to not catch much as I relearn this lake which has always been a difficult lake to fish, but I'm really looking forward to the change.
  4. I couldn't function without my vacuum sealer that I've owned for probably 20 years maybe more. In addition to fresh caught fish, I use a vacuum sealer more for freezing steaks, chops and chicken that I will load up on when it's on a two for one sale. I hate paying full retail. My buddy shoots 6 to 8 deer each year and he keeps me plussed up on venison baloney that I vacuum seal as well. And my number 1 reason why I love my vacuum sealer is to freeze fresh corn cut from the cob so I can enjoy real corn all winter. If your gonna buy one buy a good one. You won't regret it if you freeze a lot of things.
  5. Nice Mark! I can't even trim deer hair into basic shapes like round and square. A freaking duck that actually looks just like a duck is some serious stacking and trimming. Really really nice job. I'm pulling for you to catch a pike on it.
  6. So I have caught just about everything that swims in my area on a fly rod with the exception of a carp. I've tried but failed on only a handful of carp on the fly only trips. I have also tried in vain only to switch to a spinning rod where I've caught them. I will try again this year but I'm done taking only a fly rod on a carp fishing trip. I like to tie my swimming nymphs belly scrather style with a bead on the belly so they ride hook point up. Never caught a carp on one yet but the bass don't seek to care which way the hook points. Depending on depth and current I'll tie them with 1 to 3 beads.
  7. Interesting, never heard of doing that. It's gotta just kill a nice piece of fish but probably not as bad as freezer burn. Fortunatly, I don't have to freeze fish for more than a month or two and vacuum sealing keeps it as fresh as the day it was caught.
  8. I spun deer hair but never stacked it. I decided to learn how to stack deer hair. I think I'm gonna need another box of hooks.
  9. I had back surgery in 1990 and my left leg hasn't worked right since. Best decision I ever made. I can't feel my left foot and my calf stopped working. Every now and again my back goes out but I learned to deal with it without pain pills. After 30 years my left calf has withered away to about half the size of the right calf inch gave me a great hobble. I still get out and wade fish but, believe it or not, taking a pair of waders off without a working calf muscle is impossible without a bootjack. Anymore I try staying in the boat as much as possible. I found getting up and moving about was the best thing for my recovery. I wish you well and good luck to you.
  10. I'll be making the switch to 3wt fishing in another month. Are you freezing your fish in bags of water? You should get a vacuum sealer. Total game changer when it comes to frozen fish.
  11. Didn't say there was an atrocity committed. I whole heartedly support the legal keeping of fish. With that said that doesn't mean some people who legally keep fish cant be idiots. This is a shining example what I mean. Personally I feel nothing less then a complete idiot would remove such a fish from the gene pool for table fare or records. At least he didn't have a fly rod in his teeth or draped across his shoulders.
  12. I thought I was the only one bothered by holding fish way out in front. I looked at the picture and my first thought was the picture of such a great fish is totally ruined. i found the picture totally disheartening on a number of levels and really detracting from the greatness of the fish that is no more.
  13. Sounds to me like it's time to go fishing. That always helps me, not for tiers block, but as a general cure all. It's worth a shot.
  14. The best vise is the one that you can afford. What are the reviews on the vise? It seems to be a knock off of a regal so it probably is branded under a dozen different names.
  15. That may be but the military is going to run you all day every day. 3.75 miles is what you will do before breakfast. Maybe the Air Force is different, they always said it was but I don't know. In fact I remember we were never allowed to walk until after passing rifle qualifications which was about 4 weeks in. Many young men in the prime of their life flunk PT tests so don't take it lightly.
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