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  1. Yep my little slice of the Delaware has been high this entire month. I was going to head out tomorrow but the river is once again on the rise and is projected to be higher than I care to fish in AGAIN. I actually went down to OC NJ and did a little flounder fishing this past weekend. A thousand jet skis, fishing boats, racing boats, yachts, tiki boats and everything else imaginable beats high muddy water. Well not really but at least I got out.
  2. Poopdeck


    Not for me. I’m not so sure it fits what I believe space to be. Somebody providing a definition of where they believe space starts may not be what I envision as space. Space for me would be something like the Apollo 13 movie where you have to go through a 4 minute re-entry to earths atmosphere. Going up to a few minutes of weightlessness doesn’t fit my definition as real space. I do however enjoy the rocketry, the entrepreneurship, and above all else the right to spend your money however you like.
  3. I’m positive I don’t need to go that fast in a train. In fact, I don’t need a slow train either.
  4. That is amazing. I can’t believe you 3D printed all that stuff. The little welder is my favorite. Thankfully you have found an outlet for your OCD.
  5. For real dude? Nobody is being run down. “Anybody tried or prolly better than that anyone even care to do it????🤪”
  6. I’m not so sure how new they are but I’ve been fishing them for a few years mainly on a lift/drop retrieve with spin gear and a rubber trailer of some sort. Never thought about fishing them with a fly rod because I equally enjoy spin fishing and fly fishing so I have no need to combine the two. I’m pretty sure your going to figure a way to do it though. Good luck!
  7. Every now and than your going to have an off year. I’m like your wife, I like a nice yard and flower beds. Others can keep a crap hole if they like but I have to much respect for my neighbors and neighborhood to let “nature” do what it wants. I am fortunate that my neighbors feel the same way. My hats off to your wife for caring as much as she does. Next years she’s going to rebound in grand fashion. Since your rural perhaps guinea fowl is the ticket. They eat lots of bugs and won’t scratch up the flower beds. I guy I worked with use to raise and sell them and he swore by there effective bug control.
  8. Yep, big fatty river catfish are toxic. Advisory’s against eating them out of the Delaware river. You can eat the small short lived fish that don’t call the bottom home but one should stay away from fat bottom dwellers on any industrialized river
  9. Not I. I have a money addiction and it’s been piling up for years so I do feel your pain. Welcome!
  10. It is a rather nice color combo! Your on a roll with the 10’ 3WT sales. What’s driving the demand for this rod?
  11. Yep, they stock to sell trout stamps and for the trout to be taken home, hence the creation of a put and take fishery and not a self sustaining record breaking tailwater fishery.
  12. Here in PA they stock warm water fisheries with cold water fish (trout). They can only live a month or two before the water temps kill them. Personally I don’t understand why they don’t stock WW fish in WW creeks. Pa has no shortage of wild trout streams. The state also stock some of these with hatchery fish to the great chagrin of trout fisherman who do not want stockers introduced to their waters. TU does a great job of stream restoration to allow trout to live where they once did but they do not stock trout in WW fisheries. I read Dendukes link about stocking trout in what once was a WW fisheries but is now a CW fisheries because of a dam and dam release. This makes sense. My post was about my states efforts of stocking trout where they cannot live or where do not have to. Glad to hear other states do not share in PA’s idiocy.
  13. https://www.thetaxidermystore.com/all-products/polar-bear-hair-hide-for-fly-tying-or-crafts-for-sale-21227.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv7fXn9m88QIVpG5vBB2-1gAhEAQYAyABEgLjUfD_BwE Not worth the hassle for me or the polar bears.
  14. Whatever its worth it’s peanuts and not worth the hassle of establishing provenance just so you can prove later on that it’s legal fur. I have no clue what the value is but to me it can’t possibly be enough for the headache of having to prove my innocence. Perhaps it’s best to just use it for personal use and not fart around with selling, trading or battering.
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