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  1. Mine is actual experience. I also recall that a a visitors license while not requiring one to pass an exam does require an affiliation with a fishing club. Almost all fishing in Germany has to be done through a club. Probably why your not finding much in regards to personal experience. Perhaps the state department can help you out.
  2. I lived in Germany for about a year and looked into fishing. Now this was a few decades ago so things may have changed and my memory of the process has faded. I remember vividly a nightmarish system that caused me to give up and simply not fish while there. You have to take a course, study and then take an exam to get a rod license as they call it. Once you have a rod license you need a permit to fish the different waters you want to fish. I’m foggy on this but I seem to remember it not being as simple as studying and taking a test but you may have had to also join a club that proctored the studying and the test and whom the water permits were issued through. I recall thinking they just didn’t want people fishing there. what “base” are you going to.
  3. Time to replenish the things I always seem to run out of Pheasant tail nymphs and bead head pheasant tail nymphs Hook - 16 2XL long Thread - Rusty brown 8/0 Uni Bead - Gold 3/32 Weight - .015 lead wraps Tail - PT fibers Body - PT fibers Ribbing - Sm gold Uni wire Wing case - PT fiber Thorax - UV peacock herl Legs - PT fiber
  4. Two bit hooker. After tying one in the challenge thread I liked it enough to tie in my favorite color. Hook - TMC2487 size 14 Beads.- 3/32 Gold beads. Thread - Yellow olive/black UTC 70 Tail - Turkey tail fibers Body - Yellow olive UTC 70 Ribbing - Black UTC 70 thread Flashback - Medium mirage opal tinsel Thorax - Olive sparkle dubbing Legs - India hen back dyed prince nymph brown
  5. I’ve fished a Letort hopper on the Letort before so I’m accepting my qualifications and qualifying myself as a Letort hopper expert. That is the finest looking Letort hopper I’ve ever seen which is what I thought I would see when flytire took the challenge. If I were a Czech nymph expert I would say the same about upnorths challenge. I’ve just never tied one before but I think I’m going to in the future. Nice job! thanks everybody for the nice words on the two bit hooker fly. I really liked tying that fly and will tie some more to fish it next year.
  6. Hook - TMC2487 size 14 Beads.- 3/32 Gold beads. I don’t have black or tungsten beads Thread - Red/black UTC 70 Tail - Turkey tail fibers Body - Red UTC 70 Ribbing - Black UTC 70 thread Flashback - Medium mirage opal tinsel (can’t believe I had that) Thorax - Demonized (purple) Electric wool dubbing Legs - India hen back dyed prince nymph brown next up…….. LETORT HOPPER
  7. I’ll take the two bit hooker. After all, if your not catching fish on nymphs your not fishing deep enough.
  8. I ask my wife to buy me the stuff I should, but don’t, buy with the money I spend on fishing gear. Stuff like socks, underwear, ties and shirts with collars. After all you actually do use socks and underwear while fishing, well at least I do.
  9. Thanks everybody. I decided to eat a pizza and tie another. Nothing like a good pizza to pick up the spirits. This time I did a 14 because I think I used up all the decent size 12 hackles on my cape. I’ll have to get another. It lasted me a good long time.
  10. Mosquito fly hook -12 Thread - black UTC 70 Tail - Grizzly hackle fibers Body - moose mane, 2 strands, one dark one light Wing - grizzly hackle tips Hackle - grizzly my hackle didn’t want to cooperate and gave me great fits. Maybe I’ll try again tonight or maybe I’ll just eat pizza.
  11. Words to live by. I couldn’t watch the entire video his dullness was making me antsy. Perhaps if I spent more time in waders I would think differently but with my next pair I’m thinking I’m going back to boot foot waders. I don’t find stocking foot and wader boots any more or less comfortable than boot foots but bootfoots have far less leak problems. I use bootfoots for surf fishing and both my bootfoots and stocking foots are in need of replacement. I plan on doing way more surf fishing in the coming years so there’s little sense in replacing the stocking foot with something else that will leak.
  12. Was his point to spend a thousand on a dry suit? I don’t get out much in waders anymore and its even rarer that I go out when it’s cold out. maybe 20 short 4 hour trips to the local creek each spring, summer and fall. All I expect waders to do is keep me mostly dry. Since all waders leak, I won’t pay top or mid dollar to be mostly dry.
  13. You know what I hate about other forums? Ads! I’ll stick to the quirkiness of this site.
  14. My non machinist mentality failed to take into account that an actual metal fabricator probably has an old Bridgeport out in the shop. Proof again that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Thank you for the explanation.
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