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  1. Parachute hopper Hook - TMC 200R curved shank size 14 Rib - brown Kevlar thread Post - white poly yarn Body - green drake beaver dubbing Wing- mottled turkey quill, lacquered Legs - knotted pheasant tail dyed olive Thorax - lt olive ice dub Hackle - Grizzly
  2. Burning the sage worked. Here’s to a great couple days of R and R followed by a triumphant return to Fairbanks.
  3. I am not and don’t care to be a feather inspector/grader. I do know I have capes with sizes of feathers I will probably never use because I used up all the sizes that I do use. Buy the hundred packs in the size you desire. Cheaper in the long run for me since I don’t production tie or use that many tiny flies.
  4. Josh, since you asked for feedback I will offer you my honest feedback. My hobbies are not supported by a team so I assume you are involved in app development and your involvement here is to ultimately develop and generate interest in a product. As for the actual concept, I don’t get it and have to ask why would anybody use an inventory management system to track their tying inventory? I can’t remember one instance where I ran out of material in the middle of tying a fly or was surprised by running out of material. Running out of material is not a problem associated with fly tying. Finding a way to store material is the actual problem. The concept doesn’t even Sound feasible because, as previously mentioned, who is going to open an app and record the fact that they used 2” of thread, 6 pheasant tail fibers and a smidgeon of beaver dubbing. Who needs a spread sheet to see your running out of pheasant tail fibers, thread and dubbing? I’m getting old and have already turned into my father but I’m simply not grasping the concept here. Sorry.
  5. Yeah, what a great combo that’s not very common around my way.
  6. I’ve never seen it done with poppers but its done with streamers that I believe is referred to as belly scratchers. I think it’s done more to get the hook point riding up instead of noise making but your thinking seems very logical. Please let us know how it works.
  7. I’m calling foul, no fly tier would have suspected you were going to clean and organize your stuff.
  8. They do i fact have teeth, they can and do latch onto what they bite and they will draw blood. Otherwise they are harmless. I’d be happy with herring and fallfish and maybe a little bummed if all I caught was a couple finger sized trout. Different strokes for different folks.
  9. very commendable SD! I know it was not an easy task to loose 175 lbs. I battled like hell to lose 35 lbs. I religiously maintain my weight at 212 lbs through a proper diet and walking 4 to 7 miles every night rain or shine. I also weigh myself every day at the same time and I adjust my diet and exercise every day to maintain my preferred weight. I am intimately aware of what I eat, how I exercise and its effects on my weight. It’s probably a little OCD but I found if I don’t do it I can pack the weight back on in a matter of a month. Much easier to make minor daily adjustments. Good luck with your maintenance.
  10. Now that’s using the old noggin. Excellent read.
  11. Packing and moving to Florida is my guess. To hell with New England weather.
  12. Elk hair caddis Hook -14 Thread - tan 70 Ultra hackle - Dun Body - UV peacock herl - I really like the vivid green color of the UV herl. Wing - deer body hair
  13. Happy birthday! Despite everything thrown your way, you made it another year and lived another day. That’s a net gain in my book. Time to get well and build on the positives. Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery,
  14. It looks great and it seems to fish just fine as well.
  15. Kim ran out of flash bulbs and film for his Polaroid in 1972 so he ties the flies, sends them to a friend who photographs them and sends Kim the pictures. I bet Kim really misses those instant picture days of old.
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