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  1. That's a good looking fly, good to see you posting again.
  2. Nice fly, very similar to 'The Teacher', from @flytire's site: http://flytyingnewandold.blogspot.com/2019/11/teacher_3.html
  3. Chuck Caddis I came across a woodchuck tail I had forgotten about, so tied up a few Chuck Caddis while waiting for my Woodchuck skin to fully dry Hook: #12 Thread: Black Body: Woodchuck tail underfur/Rust dyed hare's mask (the underfur from the tail is nice and wiry, combined with the long soft fur from the hare's cheek area makes a nice buggy dub) Wing: Woodchuck tail fibers, from the base of the tail Hackle: brown & grizzly.
  4. Nice tie as always, and thanks for the links. I love reading a little history of a fly's creation.
  5. I started a small reorganization of tying materials last night, as I've got a boatload of duck feathers that I've picked up along the trail, and I was trying to get them into some semblance of order when I came upon a few of these lovely little feathers. I had to put one to good use: Hook, #14, 2xl Thread: Kimono 100 #353 (Wasabi) Rib: Thread relaxed, touch dubbed with mole, and then tightened. Thorax: Mole Hackle: Not sure, mallard back feather?
  6. Wow, was not aware of that site. Thank you.
  7. Well done, nice subtle transition into the thorax
  8. I'd love to do that, Moshup. @Baron Agree with Moshup, especial about the washing with Dawn. I'm not sure it makes any difference, but I add a small amount of bleach to the wash with the Dawn, maybe a teaspoon or two, not enough to change/lighten anything, and it get rinsed out at the end. Salt, I think, is better suited for fattier skins as it does a good job of drawing out moisture quicker than the borax. I use borax as I always have some around the house, but I don't think it's necessary. Of course, I always have salt also, but not in the same quantity as borax, as I keep a box or two for various things around the house. I also like borax as it has some deodorizing properties and it will kill some insect, like fleas. It does tend to leave a fine powder within the hair/feathers, but I count that as a guard against future infestation.
  9. That feather is so beautiful, its a good thing its illegal.
  10. Excellent topic, DF. A great looking pool being watched over by that pine tree there. I typically find new spots one or two ways. Most of the time it's a new area I have taken the dog to for a walk where I can let him off leash. Like my dog, I very seldom stay on a trail for very long, and like a rat to a meat wagon, I usually find my way to water. I also travel around the central part of the state a lot on business and keep my eyes peeled for any likely looking streams crossing the road and make a note and take a photo if possible. fact, I'm pretty sure I know the river you mentioned here, but I "discovered" it from the opposite side. I have not fished it yet though. One of my favorite places I came across while hiking with the dog is just a little brook, barely a thin blue line. It runs down through a little rocky gorge that never sees full sunlight but for winter. The terrain gradually flattens, and the river splits and comes together again a few times, and finally flows along a private cow pasture and into a public water supply area. Very tempting that end. I have seen foot long Brookies in here, but have yet to catch any approaching that size. This one pool in particular, the 4th photo, that must be 4 or more feet deep, I visit every time I'm there. I know the big guys have to be hanging out in there, but I can only tempt the smaller ones. A few fly fishers have visited that brook,, as I have seen their offerings to the laurel bushes, but there are no worn paths along the banks. There's even a lone gravestone just a bit back from the brook, to add a bit of mystery. LOL - I love the New England woods.
  11. Glad you got out. Some nice fish there. Is that a black bugger you're using? I get out to the pond down the street @ once a week in the evening when I can. Up here in Mass they haven't really moved in to the shallows yet, shouldn't be long now, though.
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