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  1. I think Nick hit the nail on the head. I'll take the last spot, if it's still open.
  2. I believe those are #10s, so maybe 3/4". I'll double check when I get the chance. Not sure they get as big as 1 3/4" around where I fish. I estimated the size for those from husks I've seen on docks and reeds. Fish them deep around weeds in quick, short strips and a rest that varies. Looking at your photo, I think I may try reversing the taper on mine
  3. Good for you Chug, looking forward to seeing photos. Here's one that just sold on the auction site:
  4. this is what I use, pretty simple. Size, weight and color to match your needs
  5. Nice find there, Chug, even with the missing arm. I've been looking for one of those style vises for a while now, but I'm too tight to pay the prices I see them going for at auction.
  6. Looks really good, what's the collar material? 👍
  7. I actually think it sound like a good idea, but I agree with the others about the actual implementation. Too bad. Maybe a thread dedicated to only swapping materials, which would be solely a transaction between two parties? You know, like I have a lot of this and I'm looking for a bit of that. But I guess the classifieds can be used for that. We do kind of a cool think in my fly tying club. Anyone who has some extra materials, bags it up and puts on the raffle table. Buy a bunch of raffle tickets at the start, and when meeting is over, the numbers are called and you get your choice of whatever is on the table until all is gone. Money goes to the club. I've got some good stuff, and occasional crap, but for a buck a ticket to support the club, its worth it.
  8. I know what you mean. I haven't tied a hellgrammite pattern, so was looking at different patterns on the web. Most seem to me to be way too complicated for a fly that's meant to be fished on or near the bottom, resulting in a lot of lost flies.
  9. Thanks Not right now, but I will join if it doesn't fill up in a day or two.
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