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  1. Everything was packed up and put into storage so my addition could be built. the sheet rocking is being done now- hope it will all be done soon. Its been ages. Once thatsdone and everything unpacked I will be sending out stuff again.
  2. Rjohn7

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    a bit of fun, more I drink the more fun it is.
  3. Rjohn7

    Song of the day

    Freaky works, still like most of what I've heard from her, it seems to be relaxing even if disturbing.
  4. Rjohn7

    Song of the day

    Strange video. Strange song. Strange girl. Oddly relaxing though. Just not the sort of thing I'd normally listen too, but strangely relaxing and enjoyable.
  5. wth is wrong with those people? poor camel and dog had to deal with mean spirited arse hats that think abuse is amusing.
  6. Call and talk to him. I did and amazingly enough the grab bag was 3 of the four colors we had discussed that I hadn't ordered separately. If he says order the grab bag and whatever other cape because its not available in the grab bags, do it. he doesn't say that unless he knows he can get you the colors you want in that grab bag. If he doesn't specifically tell you to order the grab bag, you won't be getting the colors you are looking for. Every time he has told me to order the grab bag its arrived and at least three of the capes are colors I want. Its not a perfect world, so the grab bags are not top of the line quality, but they are great for the price, and will tie well. They're not bad materials by any means. and yeah I like whiting too, but I just can't seem to get then at great prices. Rjohn.
  7. Rjohn7

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    LOL. not sure they're sane but they certainly make interesting sounds.
  8. Rjohn7

    Song of the day

    found this interesting and some how compelling.
  9. Way back when dinosaurs were roaming the world, someone discovered that there was a better way to catch fish than just throwing rocks at them and My great grandfather somehow heard about it. Not only did he hear about it he learned to how to tie, and sometime after that he had children and one of them was my Grandfather and he also learned this new obsession. fast forward several billion years and I came along. At that point my grandfather was very ancient (I remember, I was six and knew what ancient looked like) The only way I got to spend time with him was if I was doing things with him he thought worth doing, which wasn't very much. That boiled down to his hobbies... which were; ruining the day of any fish he met, tieing flies, lapidary, silver smithing and keeping farm animals he could eat. Believe it or not I just wasn't into standing in freezing water to spoil some fishes day, and as soon as my Grandfather passed away (when I was 15) I never went fly fishing again. However as I've gotten older I've found I value tying more, it has some nostalgia for me, I like teaching the children and believe it or not its much easier to do now than how my grandfather did it. (he actually stuck his hook in a cork and tied that way) I've taken to teaching lapidary and silver smithing the past 20 years too.
  10. I am very fond of Alpaca fiber. it takes dye really well and can be used so many ways.
  11. enjoy. hope it's enough there for anything you want to try. I keep thinking of stuff to try and never do try it. bait fish etc.
  12. like that. real purty. now is there a how to video?
  13. A Game of Thrones is the first novel in A Song of Ice and Fire came out in 1996. the series started in 2011. Having read the books as they came out, there is noway to suppose there would ever be a series. In fact I doubted there would be because the production values would have been far to expensive in the 90's. It is silly to avoid reading a great series in case they ever become film.
  14. I loved the books and did them all way back when they first came out. George RR Martin is famous for killing off characters. Tried watching the series and its just not true enough to the books for me, but too close to ignore the issues. Dexter I did the books first also. The series was fun also. they go in such wildly different directions that its not an issue, its more like different stories than a faithless retelling.
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