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  1. Thanks…I’m playing with the Sparrow too. It’s a fun tie as well.
  2. Casual Dress Variant (Polly Rosborough) Hook: size 12, 3xl Thread: 12/0 Brown Olive Tail, body, collar: Muskrat Head: Fluff from base of black hen neck. I don’t have any Ostrich herl . 😀
  3. Near Enough Variant (Polly Rosborough) Hook: size 12, 3xl Thread: 12/0 Brown Olive Tail, legs, wing case: Grizzly hen cape Body: Muskrat I just got his book, “Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymph”, and I’m enjoying learning his patterns. Nice to tie on larger hooks. My eye sight isn’t what it used to be. 😏
  4. Caddis Pupa Hook: wfc model 11, size 12 Thread: Semperfi classic waxed 12/0, brown olive Abdomen: FTD Shuck Yarn, tan…twisted tightly when wrapping. Thorax: Pain in the butt camel and Awesome Possum brown applied loosely and then brushed out. Hackle: Olive Indian hen saddle
  5. The muskrat was natural. It looks darker in the clump, but when dubbed very sparse it looks really light.
  6. Muskrat Soft hackle Hook: WFC model 21 size 14 Thread: Kimono silk #100, color 317 Body: Muskrat in split thread Hackle: Hen saddle Olive I was wanting lots of movement in the water. I think this should work just fine. 😉 Mack
  7. I agree with SilverCreek. I use them a lot and have had no problems.
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