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  1. Anyone tried it? Came across a coat but my tying gear is stored for a move.
  2. A wine cork is a terrible thing to waste.
  3. I've used Gink for over 50 years and it works well for me. My guide in Montana uses Flyagra.
  4. Old tippet spools work for me.
  5. I'm in Austin and never thought to fish there. May have to take a little drive.
  6. Foam hopper over a bead head San Juan worm.
  7. 1965. Wide World of Sports. Curt Gowdy fishing the Snake from a drift boat. I was 10 years old.
  8. Blue Sky Boatworks Angler 360. Pedal powered. Tows and stows easier than a Lowes 16. Plenty of room on the front or rear deck for another chair and a dog. I removed the rear deck to add a trolling motor. Dry weight is 170lbs.
  9. Inflatables around hooks would concern me.
  10. I use my Cpap to inflate them and spray with soapy water. Mark the leaks and seal with what you find works best. Patches on the outside just mean they've been out in the stream. Kind of like honorable scars on dogs.
  11. The Blackfoot has some great fishing over around Ovando. PM me if want to get in touch with the hardest working guide in Montana.
  12. Blue Sky Boat Works model 360 from Jackson Industries. I'm more impressed with it every time I take it out.
  13. They guy across the street doesn't put a check out for Sergio's guys every other week.
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