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  1. Wanted to tie something before calling it a night. Just a generic flymph pattern Hook. ....... Alcock Thread ...... Pearsall’s gossamer primrose Tail. ...... Wood duck flank Body. ..... Pale red fox Ribbing. .... 5 turns small gold wire. * sorry looks nice but camera doesn’t show it Thorax. .... SLF blend. Fox squirrel Hackle. .... Golden plover breast feather
  2. @Baron. I wash everything I skin in Dawn detergent first. I’m always amazed how much dirt comes off. Especially bucktails. De bone, scrape off as much residual fat as I can and then apply kosher salt for a couple of days. Brush the salt off and it’s usually good to go. Borax I use mostly on bird skins.
  3. niveker Maybe in the fall you’d like to come down to our club and skin some Huns and some Ringnecks with me. We have a commercial kitchen that is quite useful.
  4. @flytire Good stuff thanks.
  5. Looks like a piece of Bazooka bubble gum that was sliced with a razor and stuck on a hook! 😊 The Brown owl flies submitted by everyone are very nice. I have heard a lot about this fly and wondered if owl was part of the original dressing. Just having some fun by the way Baron and watch out for niveker as he is an apparent heretic.
  6. Mystery is the allure of the missed strike.
  7. Almost missed this fly by Sandan. Very nice.
  8. @Baron soft hackle come primarily from game birds and from hen capes. Collins has some nice hen capes at a reasonable price. If you have a hunting club in your area those guys could provide you with a bunch gamebird skins.
  9. Looks good. If I was tying a lot of saltwater patterns like I did back in the day I’d be interested but the NE saltwater fishery has collasped and I have a good stash of salties.
  10. Lol. I know a little about the OR Silvercreek..
  11. Here’s a 812 lb sun fish that perished during a cold snap last September on the Cape. Several biologists from Wood’s hole came down to do an autopsy.
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