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  1. Born in bred outside of Utica. Most of my fishing is in the southern half of the Adirondacks. I've fished for most of my life (49 years of it) and picked up fly fishing 2 summers ago after taking a guide trip on the Ausable River. We're RV'ers in the summer, so there's no telling where we'll end up, but you can be sure that I'll be fishing nearby. Glad I found this site, its been valuable in helping me get going with tying flies. I'm interested in tying any fly that will catch me fish - trout, bass, panfish, pike, walleye. I'm always up for a get-together with fellow fly fishermen/women to learn both fishing and tying. Seems like a few people from my general area are on this forum. Maybe a meetup someday
  2. After reading the list, I purchased one from Amazon. Thank you for listing everything out.
  3. Since I had a ton of woolly buggers already, I started with the Elk Hair Caddis. There's plenty of options for the body of the fly (hackle, dubbing) so I've gotten better in those areas. Most importantly I found is the "less-is-more" principle when it comes to materials.
  4. This is great info. I'm new to fly tying and am looking for a "go-to" shop. I'm about an hour east of you and Troutfitter is the closest shop to me other than Bass Pro. Just wondering what your opinion of Troutfitter.
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