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  1. Dave Whitlock recommended applying fly dope with a hair dryer to literally melt it into the bug. Do it 2x. I haven't bothered myself, I like spinning deer hair too much to bother to try and keep one floating(ie, there's always another one in the box), but it sounds reasonable, if labor intensive. So it's not so much "sealing" them but I'd bet they float awhile. Never tried dunking a deer bug in RainX either though it works well on trouty bugs....
  2. I'd agree, pretty darned good book. The CDC parachute BWO alone was worth the price of admission.
  3. Todd, Would these work for this fly? I assume so, but asking here is free vs paying for materials and shipping... Clouser's E-Z Foam Cylinders are made of dense foam for shaping or sanding into popper bodies. They can be marked with prismacolor markers. Each Cylinder is 1.6 inches in length. Sizes 1/4 thru 7/16 come 6 cylinders per pkg. and sizes ½ thru 5/8 come 4 per pkg. This is our favorite foam for making the famous E-Z Popper and Lefty's Bug. Price is $2.00 per package. Colors: 100 Black 030 Grey 056 Red 082 Blue 089 Olive 041 Tan 047 Brown 006 Orange 001 White 173 Chartreuse 103 Pink 012 Yellow Size in inches: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8"
  4. I really like mine. Only downside is that changing a spool of thread is a tiny bit more involved, but really that's an easy thing to get used to. The adjustable tension is wonderful, same bobbin handles A through 14/0 with equal ease.
  5. As a PSU trained cartographer.......SCHWEET! Really.......the other "big" sites are gonna be envious they didn't think of this. Very nice job.
  6. Guess I've had my head buried in fly fishing and tying for so long that I missed something that was going on in the rest of the fishing world.....that of braided line. Man o man, I went to Gander Mtn today and they had a wall of the stuff. I knew it existed for deep sea rigs, but who is using this stuff at 8lb test? Odd to me. At any rate, thanks for the pointer, I'm good to go on this one. Anyone got the Cliffs version of braided line? Good marketing by line companies or is the common man moving away from monofilament? Sort of off topic, maybe I ought to take it up elsewhere....
  7. day5, What is the braided line that you use for this? I'm not familiar with it...is it something that deep sea or musky fisherman use? Just wondering where I get my hands on this material. I bounced you an IM on this as well, great looking tie.....
  8. I'm in Ligonier, PA to be exact, southwest Pa in general. I fish all the same streams that 5wt names as well as a few brookie creeks on Chestnut and Laurel Ridge. Plus the Loyalhanna and Two Lick. Although when I want EXCELLENT fishing, I head Tyrone's way! He's a LUCKY lucky man....
  9. Thanks guys. Those Micro legs, as well as the centipede legs, look like they'll do a GREAT job.
  10. I'm looking for a materal to make rubber legs on small terrestrial patterns. I have some Sili Legs, and the conventional rubber legs, they look pretty thick and huge on a #18 beetle. It seems to me that I recall there being a very fine material, perhhaps not even truly rubber, that would be useful. Anyone know what product I may be looking for? IIRC, this stuff almost thread like in it's diameter and very limp. The current alone would make those legs wiggle and that's my intent. Span Flex comes to mind. Might that be what I'm after?
  11. For tiny EHC......use some very fine dubbing, like beaver. And then use the same deerhair (for the wing) that you'd use to tie small comparaduns. No hackle necessary as the little tiny ones float just fine without it. Tiny CDC and Elks work well, too, again with the substution of coastal deer hari for the elk wing....
  12. Any update on the write up? Such a good looking critter, I'm anxious to see if I can really knock 'em outta the vice in 2 minutes. It's worth 5 minutes from what I can see
  13. That's the tip I was missing....the half hitch. I picked it up when watching Al's video on Rotary Tying Techniques. It seems so obvious now but that's the way it goes sometimes ....
  14. Or crusty as the case may be;-). THanks for the heads up, I'm off to take a peak....
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