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Fly Tying

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Hi Guys,


We set up an realistic swap here in Holland but we want to make it a international swap.


So we hope some of you guys would enter it. You only have to tie one fly and get one back by random.


here you can read about it how its works. http://hans.pressanykey.nl/




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Johan, it would be my honor to participate. I will pm you for an address when I am close to completion of the fly.Thank you for the invitation. Fred

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Rustyspinner & Graham,


Fantastic you guys join in, it is a big honor to me.

I think we have some great tyers in this swap, so it must be an succes.


on this site you can join in. http://hans.pressanykey.nl/



and here are the rules.


The realistic fly - swap Dead Line April 1

Maybe it seems impossible to organize a swap for tying realistic flies,

but Johan Put and I, think it can be fun:


->every participant ties 1 fly and sent it to me


-> after the deadline of the swap I randomly sent 1 fly to each participant back (not his own fly)


-> so everybody gets 1 other realistic fly back


-> no need to tie one fly extra for the swap-meister, this time!


-> there is no specific theme for this swap


-> the swap ends the first of april, so you have enough time to let it look REAL!


-> for participants from other countries, I will pay the stamps to post the fly back to you,

because you won't be able to buy them in your country.



And here is the address to send your fly to but please first sign in on the site.


Hans Bock

Thorbeckelaan 12

4871 GA Etten-leur






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Hello Johan,


I wouldn't mind having a go at this one, if there's still a slot available. I've a couple or three ideas with "fishables" for your consideration



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