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Fly Tying

Alternative Head Cement, I'll be using it from now on.

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does this mean that we can no longer pass on a tip that a product is good for fly tying because that is considered advertising and is spam




Look at it in context, as Hellgrammite already explained. First post, quoted review, pushing a product, etc. If it's not spam, then it is just plain weird.


Sorry, it just looks odd.

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I kinda thought that was the reason for the forum in the first place.... a way for members to seek and receive good info, tips, methods, etc. from others. My first post ever was as a newbie seeking info about hot glue tying. I appreciate this string, just as I do all others. I plan to get some of this stuff as soon as I can get to a sewing center and give it a try.


And thanx to Frylite, or Flywrite for the tip. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation). I hope you haven't been scared off from sharing with us.

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Fabric Fusion, Loon Hard Head, Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish, and perhaps others are all urethanes which

could be used in place of "standard" head cements. I've been using Hard Head for my head cement for several years. Yes,

they are water based. You can use water to thin it which is a plus. I use a needle to apply it when using as a head cement

to give me more control over placing it in small spaces and avoids both applying too much and the need for a turner for this

usage. The minus (at least for the hard head) is the bottle says it has a shelf life of one year.

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It is a good topic!!!!!


For folks that have to survive on a very LIMITED budget, there is a solution to "head cement"


Take a look at "Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails"......TONS of the fly fishers here in CO use it......



It simply works! Take a few minutes to put it in your fly boxes but it WORKS!




Just my 2.5 cents......



Mike :)


P.S. DO NOT RAID YOUR WIFE'S makeup cabinet.....I found this out the HARD way! Ask your wife to take you to Wallmart or Wallgreens/CVS......It will save your marriage!

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