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  1. I would definitely fish it! Nice work!
  2. Nice Job! I am haven't attempted a PMX yet but plan to in a couple months. I would be really happy with those personally!
  3. I was there on Saturday. What a great show! Picked up tons of stuff that I needed such as merino wool base layers, cool t-shirts, a bunch of misc capes and wing materials. Great time!
  4. Hi everyone! I just returned from two weeks in Maine to visit my folks and I brought my rod and fly tying supplies with me. Was an awesome trip and although I did no fly fishing I did practice casting in the wind just about every day and had some marathon fly tying sessions (all nighters)! My parents were so happy to see my "creations" and my Dad was so happy to get some "Mike Specials" to show his friends. While I was up in Freeport with my folks I did the obligatory "outlet mall" trips up and down route 1 to Jittery and back. On the way home I found an INCREDIBLE Fly shop in Cape Neddick!!!!! We passed it by and quickly did a U-turn to pull in. No one was in the parking lot and I thought it was closed. A nice gentleman was watering the garden in front. My wife and I went inside and was amazed at the selection of fly tying supplies, rods, DVDs, clothing, nets, etc....this place rocked!!! We spent about 45 minutes talking to Jim (the gentleman watering out front) and he is simple a wonderful person!!! The name of the fly shop is ELDREDGE BROTHERS FLY SHOP If anyone is up on the coast of Maine you HAVE to stop in there! Jim stated they run ads in the Drake magazine but I am ashamed to say I never paid much attention to the ads. I make a point of stopping in any local shop and spend some funds each time. Local fly shops are a wealth of information and are typically run by great folks that genuinely have a passion for anything fly fishing related. As a former small business person I understand just how hard it is in a niche market and trying to make ends meet with all the online stores. Mind you, I do Anton of shopping online but try to spread the wealth. We just returned home a few hours ago and I am getting ready to tie up a few till I pass out from exhaustion. I am proudly wearing one of their shirts and will be displaying one of their stickers on my jeep!!! Good to be home and back on the forum here!!! Mike
  5. With regards to "roadkill" and "feathers".... My wife found a golden eagle....not sure if it was....last month on the road near our home. She told me about it and I went to the "site"...NASTY...but there were cool feathers I might have taken for a fly. I read online prior that there are "protected birds" here in Colorado and was VERY hesitant to take some of the feathers. I elected to not do so and pulled up my book marks for feathers... http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/prog/blm_special_areas/birds_of_prey_nca/links/raptor_possession.html I still have my wife on the hunt for roadkill but when a bird is on the asphalt I will look at it but NOT take the feathers. Mike:)
  6. My attempt at "schooling bait" that I was encouraged to be creative on! http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=78866
  7. I must first admit that I am tying the hell out of certain flies and I am getting really comfortable at them (Pheasant Tail, Elk Hair, RS2, Humpys, even some Adams). However, I thought that my basic skills from PHWFF classes were not able to make a fly I had never tied! Three weeks ago I found a mentor through the Healing Waters program that teaches every week and goaded me into pushing my limits. SOOOO.....here is my first attempt at a "Schooling Bait"..... I did not have the materials but was graciously loaned some. I was encouraged to be creative and "out of the box" from what I normally tie and this is what I came up with.... Mike
  8. Sandy, If you are asking me...LOL Mikechell.... I put the Silicone on the dry prior to my first cast. I fish it till it starts sinking and then try to dry it as much as I can by false casting. If that does not work, I put the powder on it. Seems to work better for me. With that being said, I have tried reapplying the "gink" subsequent times from the initial coat and it doesn't do well for me. Drying the fly works prior to any applications of floatant but the quick shake in the dessicant seems to do better. This is what all the guys have showed me on the water the past month and if it works for them.....I would like to think it works for me! One "trick" some of the locals use is the "dessicant packs" in just about everything you get from prescriptions to luggage. I have been saving the packs up and will use them in the next month or so. They also recommend grinding the dessicant up and using it in a powder form. Food for thought from a frugal fisherman and total newbie! Mike
  9. Before I pass away (hopefully in a long time) I REALLY want to catch a grayling here in Colorado. Add me as another member to the "bucket list" for grayling! Happy you managed to land the beauty and thanks for the pics! (envious!!!) Mike
  10. I have been saving ALL my scraps! One never knows when that PERFECT #20/24 hook will see a scrap that literally fits the fly! One day, when I have the luxury of spending tons of funds on feathers and fur, I will eventually take all the scraps and commit them to the coffee grinder for the NEXT BEST DUBBING! Mike PS.....I was granted access to the kitchen table two days ago! One way to keep spouses happy is to have a cutting mat. My wife's concern was me placing cuts into our table. Fixed now!
  11. Not certain what you are getting at with "failed ties"...... My opinion is cut the material off with a razor and start anew!!!!! If your "failed ties" have been fished then cut the material off and inspect the hook. If it looks good then by all means tie another fly on it! Make certain you sharpen it and if there are any strange "nicks, cuts, weakness" toss it. Just my 2.5 cents as I don't know if you have fished them or not. From your original post, I can only infer that you have TONS of stuff that might be rusted and such.....if that is the case I agree with Rotary and cull them all. You don't want to lose a fish on compromised gear!!!! Mike
  12. UPDATE: Sending the rod off to get "fixed".....LOL....how they will actually fix the thing is beyond me........will keep everyone updated on the status of the 3 wt! Mike
  13. Something that would be REALLY COOL would be a section here on the site (or other sites) to become a MENTOR. Teaching fishing (of any kind) to young folks would be a nice thing to have! Mike
  14. COMike

    Song of the day

    NICE PIKER! Song totally stinks for me but the vid actually made me smile!!!! Mike
  15. Jon Boats ROCK! 1. Storage.... can you keep it on your property 2. EASE of use.....can you man handle it to your vehicle or toss it in the back of your truck if you have one. Trust me my first Jon was in the back of my 85 Bronco and it was a good fit but it was not an easy job to launch. 3. What will you power it with?.....this question is overlooked. Are you using a battery and trolling motor? Will you want a "kicker" gas engine? Only YOU can answer that. Just some thoughts.... Mike
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