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  1. I like so much this pattern. It´s very similar to a chironomid in here. They hatch and i can´t catch trouts with my buzzers and others, your fly will be in my box soon. Thanks
  2. I like this fly but.....the body is too delicate If you use it in a good hatch and you "WIN",carry six or seven equal(palatal teeth are the worst). Good luck!!!
  3. Thank you, it a beautiful pleace but last fishing season was "the war" It becomes difficult to be fished I send you "my coordenates" (geographic) GEO: 42º 30´ 50,73" N 7º 20´ 26,69 W" My river is your river. In this corner,i think we F**K Napoleon! Bye
  4. Good nymph, good appearance. If I have your permission I'll tie with gray legs I think it´s very good pattern for carp varying weights and sizes. I´m sure that this nymph will have a place in my box.
  5. I like it!! A good pattern for browns. Well done
  6. Yes Firetiger, it´s a fast tying material and for example,Ivory color when wet, is a dirty creamy with white tones. I used cremy dubbing too but when i tie Czechs I do not like to waste time. Let the trout decide ( i´m sure she will like it) Good advice from a "Czech Man"!!!!! Thanks!!
  7. Thanks Letumgo!!! Try it and use a light thread, if you don´t do it and if apply too much tension with furry foam, underbody lead or thread will be seen. The foam strip should be wide and use it as thin skin,nymph skin....... See you with the next!!!
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: Czech (free living)
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: BWO (transition) I use dry BWO in the last hours of light and mediated hatching, when the hatch stars i prefer a small nymph (i usually use a pheasant or an hare, both of them without weight), The idea with this fly is be able to fish all the hatch until the last rays of sun. We´ll see
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: Caddis emerger
  11. I only wrote only in this post because it starts with a "What do you think...", it was only my opinion and my preferences. I use long tails in some mayflies and short or too short in others. The dirty eye is anything that if you can,you must avoid, but it´s only an advise (see for example my BUZZER, i finish bad the fly). Have a clean eye, implies that you already had the job well done before reaching the eye. But.. well done!
  12. Looks great!! I use hare loop and after i cut it, but i´m thinking to use a non cut hare body. Another one to the box!!
  13. Hello again Letumgo. Some times baptice a fly is difficult and it´s required for tying tab, for me, no names is usual. I use this fly in summer for european stripped bass and a friemd of mine for pike (bigger)and in spanish Summer= Verano and the name Summer fish = Verano fish= V fish Nosense name Bye
  14. Does this caddis body colour work right?? i think it´s a good new option Tell me please Bye
  15. Be carefull with the tails (shorter than that one) and the hooks eye (we must be clean finishing the fly). But...i like the fly.
  16. I really think the same. Great words!
  17. MARC PETIT JEAN CDC Nº 7 !!!! (Natural Beige)
  18. It´s agood idea! I´m trying a BWO "transition" for that moments when the browns become ULTRA-selective instead of of use a dry and a nymph in tandem but i have a problems with the fly portions and the hook Bye
  19. I don´t have it but BUY ONE!!!!!! I looked in many places different pictures and articles and i think is a necesary book, but fot technichs and metrials (if you want it) i prefer LISTEN TO THE RIVER (Vol I or II). The money is there for it http://www.virtual-nymph.com/index.php?opt...2&Itemid=26
  20. The previous response was for a delayed post (2 months ago) But for your question: Yes i did. I also vary top fly permanent markers and the abdomen (tipex or dubbing) It´s a great nymph, you can combine colors and sizes for a wide range of nymphs. Creation of Steve Thornton, I do what I can
  21. I try to do it as well as i can. My flies are your flies. A pleasure to be in FTF!! Thanks
  22. Beautiful! Another buzzer for the collection, love them!!
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