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  1. a couple you can try as well mcfeathers.com and soulseclipse.com when you go on this site it also is rockymountain flies which is a canadian supplier of many materials. Best regards Paul
  2. claudia, if you look at the top of this site there is a very extensive data base on fly patterns of all types, you may also want to just type in trout flies in your search engine ex google and see what comes up, enjoy , paul
  3. bud, i had the best year of duck hunting ever, over 24 mallards. let me know if you need some feathers i have bags full. i saved all the neck and the rump and all the other niceeeee feathers you might like to tie with. best regards Paul
  4. Well i would have to say that is quite an entry you have made, beautiful work, can't wait to see more,Best regards Paul
  5. My deepest kudos to all the winners and to those who didn't, you are all amazing winners in my mind, we are truly represented by the very best. Bud thankyou for all you do for all of us. Best regards Paul
  6. Beautiful work, as said already can't wait to see more, Best regards Paul
  7. tyrone beautiful fly, perfectly tied. Best regards Paul
  8. Dave, all the very best back to you and your family this holiday season. All things Great in 2008. Best Regards Paul
  9. Bud a very Merry Christmas to you and to your family, and to all here in the forum family, I too also Hope to get back to the vise very soon, All Things Great in 2008. Best Regards Paul
  10. will thanks in advance, just saw the post sending out my check today. Paul
  11. dave beautifully done a very merry christmas to you and your family, Best regards Paul
  12. bud as always beautiful work, Best regards Paul
  13. jamie you did a beautiful job on this fly very beautiful.Best regards Paul
  14. i have to agree with everyone else beautiful fly very nicely done, Best Regards Paul
  15. alberto very well said, best wishes to all my forum friends for a very merry christmas and a healthy and happy new year, all things great in 2008, Best Regards Paul
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