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  1. a couple you can try as well mcfeathers.com and soulseclipse.com when you go on this site it also is rockymountain flies which is a canadian supplier of many materials. Best regards Paul
  2. claudia, if you look at the top of this site there is a very extensive data base on fly patterns of all types, you may also want to just type in trout flies in your search engine ex google and see what comes up, enjoy , paul
  3. My deepest kudos to all the winners and to those who didn't, you are all amazing winners in my mind, we are truly represented by the very best. Bud thankyou for all you do for all of us. Best regards Paul
  4. will thanks in advance, just saw the post sending out my check today. Paul
  5. graham, a very merry christmas to you and your family and to all my friends here at the forum my best wishes for all things great in 2008, Best Regards OPaul
  6. Will, i have to say what a wonderful job you did with putting this huge task togeather then all the work to photograph every fly and to load all this.i can't imagine how many hours you spent.On behalf of the whole forum thank you. now to the tiers, what a wonderful array of talented tiers all!!!!! the flies are amazing. i am sorry i do not see any loosers here, all amazing flies from endless categories. it took me two hours to vote. what a very special event, great job to all. Best Regards Paul :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. andrew thanks it looks more like what i was looking at,when i took the shot.paul
  8. thanks all, i am glad to have been able to share it, Best Regards Paul
  9. thanks i want to make sure it gets sent around again, paul
  10. i was driving home from work tonight. i was driving about 80 mpg. all of a sudden the sky was changing and then this beam of light shot down throught the orange /claret looking sky. it was amazing. i tried to reach my camera three times. i was going to try and get a shot while driving, but i couldn't reach the camera in the backseat. i was getting off the next exit and as soon as i exited i pulled over and grabbed the camera. i took two shots and the battery completely went dead. when i looked up the beam of light has disappated and was gone.the the big guy sure can paint. anyways i wasn't even sure if the camera captured the two shots i took. when i got home and charged the battery this is what i caught. i hope it came out ok for what it was, i took it with a canon sure shot 7.2 meg. for your viewing pleasure, Best regards Paul
  11. three in 2x cardinal, i also can send a check out let me know thanks paul
  12. wow excellent flies they look great, send some pics of the fish they catch, Best Regards Paul
  13. hello and welcome thank you for your service we greatly appreciate your sacrifices for all of our freedoms, you will love the site the folks here are the very best, just don't mess with ronns food and you'll be just fine.Best Regards Paul
  14. andres like all the rest of your work simply amazing, you are very talented indeed, Best regards Paul
  15. andres for sure i will be buying your book as well, you are a true artist thank you for sharing your gift. Best regards Paul
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