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  1. Well thanks for all your help everyone, i think i will stick with and try not to chuck my whip finisher out the window :wallbash:
  2. are there any other options to using a whip finisher or would a half hitch be just as good :wallbash:
  3. What are some examples of warm water flies?
  4. Got mine today (WoW) thoses are some great looking flies :headbang: Thanks to everyone
  5. Well i hope everyone catches lots of fish on the wooly buggers i tyed up!
  6. Flies are on the fly to Canada,Hope im not out of my league on this swap,ive only been tying 4 about a month! :wallbash:
  7. Whats the body made of :dunno:
  8. Anything for cause!!!!!!!!!
  9. Im really green but willing to give it a try,Where do I sign up!
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