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  1. Got my gift today!! Love it! I lost a couple fly boxes this fall fighting a fish so this is a great gift!! Thanks for hosting Santa!
  2. flies are ready to be sent......address please
  3. mine are done and ready to go.....addy please!! Thanks for hosting!
  4. I'm in......been looking to get into a swap for a while!!
  5. Thanks for participating......I'd love to see any pics if you catch any...
  6. Sorry everyone...... I totally brain farted it!! If they are still in possession...please distribute them. I know they will catch. Thanks for letting me participate! Ron
  7. Sorry for the delay everyone, been very busy!! Flies are in the mail! Lot's of great looking one! I uploaded a pic....it's the camera phone so the quality is not too great.
  8. Got the last batch.....flies look great!! I'll get some pics on here soon. I can't seem to find the camera, thinking one of the kids has hidden it:)
  9. keep any of my extras....thanks for hosting
  10. If there is any room left.... I can knock out a dozen...
  11. Flies look great everyone!!! Just waiting on one more set. I'll post pics soon..... Thanks for participating!
  12. PM sent! Thanks for participating! Still have room for 1 more person!
  13. sounds good!! Two more spots left.....
  14. With spring fever in the air and the need to fill my fly box, I was hoping to do one more round of panfish flies. Let's make it a little interesting, a limit of 6 tiers, each tie a dozen flies (6 soft hackle and 6 w/ some sort of eyes). Use your imagination, skies the limit with design! The due date for the swap will be April 22nd. All swap rules apply...... 1. Ronc23- 2. Polarbear 78- deer hair mini bass bug and soft hackled wooly worm- Recieved 3. MowestFlyfisher-bead thorax soft hackle and panfish charlies- Recieved 4. Jolly Red-mini balsa popper and soft hackle orange and partridge- Recieved 5. Odaon-Soft hackle TBD, eye fly will be a damsel nymph- 6. Jonhny Utah- U.V. Hares ears and utah damsel -Recieved SWAP FULL
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