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  1. I love the feel of the new glass rods out there. Epic, Echo and a slough of others are fantastic. I have started replacing many of my graphite with fiberglass. Mike who complains about splintering glass must not have crushed a graphite one yet...that too is a pain in the wherever it enters. Many people WANT a fast action rod because of they hype...many cannot cast a fast action rod. Glass is soft, forgiving, and easy to fish. Find what you like and roll with it. Its true that many manufactures label a rod 3 wt and then say that you have to overline it for it cast correct...CCS data on many of these will back this statement up "It is actually a four weight rod and the consumer will never know"
  2. So if I am posting from Photobucket (maybe an old school way but all i was familiar with at the time) What size is best for these forums as for viewers. Its a 9 foot 5 weight blank...four piece. I have built quite a few now on these titanium color blanks and have never been unsatisified. Glad the picture at least showed up NOW if could get some help sizing I will be golden
  3. As a builder I have had the pleasure of building on many blanks over the last six years. The BVK is SOLID both as a blank and as an over the conter rod. I have quite a few guide friends who use them for their clients because, as I was told, they are simply workhorses that can take a beating. The warranty on them is solid, fast turn around, and the service as cheap as they come (25 or 30 bucks if i remember right) I have not owned a BVK but do have several TFOs in my collection...you cannot go wrong choosing that as a production rod
  4. I buy a lot of stuff from Karen Hapka at Bingham...OUTSTANDING to work with and always replies to me. I also purchase from Mudhole Anglers Workshop And Get Bit Outdoors I have seen some decent kit type things offered on eBay from Roger Penrose and also from Anglers Habitat as well GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW HOBBY
  5. I do some custom work if interested. Check out my facebook page for examples (Stik-N-String Custom Rods) Those Olde Fly Shop blanks are pretty decent for the price. I have built several for other people
  6. I use that same tutorial and video. I can make a furled or twisted leader streamside in about 5 or 10 minutes if needed. But usually I don't have unless something catastrophic happens. It has gotten to the point where I only bring 4x and 5x tippet spools with me nowadays. I can build the entire leader out of those. Stiff in the butt and turns over EASILY...I dont understand the whining about water getting on you. Sounds a little dumb to me since we are standing IN the water catching WET fish. But that's allright I guess.
  7. I tried that. I felt like the fly did NOT want to straighten out on longer casts (amazing how many of those are required on Montana's big rivers.) Since I switched to a hand twisted furled leader of 4# fluorcarbon with a 4# tippet I have the best of both worlds. I only have to take ONE tippet spool which is a a 250 yd pony spool of Vanish and i have dozens upon dozens of leaders with 4# fluoro tippet that last for years (I have had this one on my rod now for 15 months and only changed the tippet on trips) and it turns over on an 80 foot cast with ease laying my tiny little 18 dries out there for fish perusal. I highly recommend it. Best leader system I have used in 35 years of flyfishing.
  8. Artimus....I usually have a couple twisted up ahead of time but in the rare occasion that I forgot stuff in the car or at home I DO twist them up streamside. I keep a 250 yard pony spool of 4# Vanish (cheap tippet as well) and twist one up right there. Works out pretty well as it gives me a three foot or so section of 16#, a two to three foot section of 8# and then I tie another 3-5 foot section of 4# to the end loop for tippet. One leader has lasted me a year so far and it cost like 15 cents to make is all
  9. Loop to Loop if I can....nail knot otherwise. I twist up my own furled leaders streamside nowadays so the loop to loop connection is more often than not the one I go with. If I need a loop in a new fly line I weld one. Most fly lines come with them already there though.
  10. Bought a Cabelas chest pack. It has a VERY long shoulderstrap and is more suitable as a waist pack. It does the job well
  11. I had a pair for four years before they finally sprung a leak around mid thight...now I have a pair of Headwaters. Simms customer service is the best.
  12. Its just easier for me to tie mono leaders streamside. Indicator butt section bloodknotted to middle section, bloodknotted to tippet section and done. Get those nymphs in the water and start railing fish.
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