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  1. Tiny drop of glue in the centre of the hole for the eye, place eye carefully. Use edge of scissors or something to press them in for a few seconds. You really don't need much glue at all
  2. I would definitely consider that sling pack it looks pretty good. Ive been using the Simms sling pack this one :https://www.google.ca/search?q=simms+sling+pack&client=ms-android-rogers-ca&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiz5J2b_rnZAhVObK0KHUgxCtAQ_AUIESgB&biw=412&bih=718#imgrc=8K9Ghx0xk_I56M: Had it for several years it is comfortable, practical and holds more than I need it to
  3. Don't attempt to make a fly a certain weight, consider the length of fly you want to tie then make proportions correct while keeping weight as low as possible. Even with a 12 weight fast action fly rod, a 12 inch fly tied bulky will cast terribly, especially in any high wind scenario. The goal is to create a fly that is pleasurable to cast all day long, has the action and profile when underwater to get a musky to follow and commit to the eat.
  4. I usually use 2ft of 20 - 25lb butt sections then 2ft of 8-12lb "tippet" depending on fly size
  5. For most articulated streamers the smallest hook you might be using for the back is a size 6. Personally I use #2 and #1 more than anything else, followed by #4 and 1/0. Im usually tying 4-6" bugs for trout
  6. grajewskis devil dancer Andersson delivery man
  7. They are almost all different in some way. Some are synthetic, some are natural. Some have sheen (flash) and others do not.. For the most part natural materials (ie rabbit dubbing) will soak up and actually hold water. This will slow sink rate of flies. Synthetic materials (ie ice dub) shed water and because of this have a quicker sink rate.
  8. I use a size 12 - 14 most of the time for soft hackles, extra short hooks. What are you using? Partridge is probably the best for many soft hackle flies
  9. Here are some quick conehead zuddlers I tied up, love these flies they fish extremely well.
  10. Check around, fly shops I get mine from a shop in the US they are dyed in house, all colors available for like $1.50 /pack
  11. Personally I use ice dub instead of chenille, better sink rate plus then you can omit the wire altogether. The stem sinks into the dubbing making it just as durable as when tied with the wire.
  12. Yes tie in the hackle by the tip and the same spot you tie in chenille near the bend of the hook. Not only you won't have to deal with the stem but the natural taper of the hackle will give you much better proportions
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