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  1. Excellent and very shrimpy!!!!
  2. You want the local fly shop to be there when you need something? Buy it there. 50ft is not bulk in the grand scale of things. $9 will barely get you a decent lunch these days.
  3. This is a crazy mixture of colours!!!!!! I love it!!!!!
  4. The good news with 100W halogen is that it throws out enough light that you can move it up and away enough that the heat isn't an issue even on a hot summer day. It will light your whole bench too. For tying shows I use a 50W halogen.
  5. 100W halogen desk light. Now yer talkin lumens!
  6. It's a common hook. Not too old by the looks of it. not much value. Most hook makers use to mark their large hooks with their name on one side and location on the other. Would make a nice key fob.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Very nice entry this. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a sweet roll. Stay away from the apple fritters though.....they're mine!
  8. Very cool Mike!!!!! So, the hook is just a Partridge Bartleet?
  9. That is one beautiful fly!!!!!
  10. Up wing...down wing, it's all good! Very pretty and well tied!!!!!!!!
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