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  1. Very useful a little more blue and I could see Mike looking at on of those with all his traveling. What is the performance like on a five piece casting and flex ?
  2. flytire is correct, the best way to reinforce any Mylar tinsel is with wire. I use fine wire to reinforce mylar body streamers and counter wrap mylar ribs. if the fish abrades thru it the wire holds the rest in place, may event add a little more action to the fly.
  3. try hair conditioner it helps me with brittle stems and quills, worth a try, my wife doesn't know how her conditioner bottle gets empty before the shampoo its obvious to her I don't use it I'm bald 👴 (she gets it at my sisters hair salon)
  4. Well I wasn't going to ask about it 🙄..... I mean Steve has made lots of "I Love You" rods.... right?
  5. I preferer to fish alone most of the time but some species and locations a guide is required by law. My experience with guides has been mostly positive. Absolutely agree about the float trips, it is very nice to get into a boat and not be concerned about all the transporting details and pullouts on a strange body of water, not to mention one memorable shore lunch that was better than any restaurant I patronized on the trip. Finding myself retired now it would be hard to budget for those kinds of trips on a regular basis.
  6. I use the Korker boots with the BOA lace system turn the dial to tighten very good system for my pot gut. They have interchangeable soles, rubber, rubber with cleats, felt, and others. vicrider just posted a pair on the market page not sure of your size but I would go at least 1 size larger than shoe. Bass Pro and other retailers have them also.
  7. cphubert


    Welcome Eric, I hope this site stays active for a long time it seems a lot of sites are very slow. Nice work on the bench.
  8. X 2 . Never had any progress with meditation myself, might give it a try now that my life style has slowed down.
  9. Nice job Norm that braid can be miserable to work with, good to see at least one other pattern using it.
  10. Nice new blue bluegill wand Mike, very nice job Steve the cork is outstanding.
  11. Li'l Dave glad to hear you are still kicking been a while. Hope all is well at home and in North Queensland.
  12. Norm was it an Orvis? I had a similar break but without the bead head or anything hitting it on it's madden trip to the Cheticamp river, NS. It was close to a five mile walk in and a lot of time to stew on the way out to camp. Orvis did replace the tip no questions asked but after that I always carried a spare rod.
  13. I have the book thought it was going to pave my path to my commercial tying dynasty.... after all it was the only "Manufactures' Guide" funny how it steered me back to Herter's world famous products but in the late 60's and early 70's I spent a good part of my "income" at Herters. Still have some items and a few catalog's. All in all I miss those 6-8 week delivery times(not)... kind of like the usps today....
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