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  1. mosquitoes, gnats are you going to add black flies?😄 very nice box!
  2. Bucktails? a few for the estuaries when the white perch and salters start. Mustad 36680 white flat nylon silver holographic mylar body polar bear (1) white/green/peacock herl (2) white/blue (3) white/yellow/red - 3-d eye's with UV finish
  3. Nice colors and rods what weight are they I expect a little heavier 8? never fished carp yet.
  4. X2- well said Captain, I never met Dave or Emily but I have a few of his/their books. Rest in peace Dave Whitlock thank you for sharing your passion.
  5. I ordered Sproat (3366) general purpose, duratin O'Shaughnessy's for the salt and wide gap (37160) early today (4 a.m.), suspect they started to go fast didn't need any of the classic style I probably have enough for the rest of my life.
  6. Thanks George I'll have to wait a little to see how it fishes working on a sub for polar bear
  7. Organza grass shrimp Mustad 37160 - mono thread silicon legs, glass bead eye's red dubbed hotspot white dubbed body with organza ribbon "hackle" covered with silicone tape body shell ribbed with mono
  8. Mustad has a current sale 35% off from their website ending shortly. Worth looking at if you want their products.
  9. Tell him I said hello, wish he would drop by and post his fishing the river report on occasion.
  10. Yes, they are always looking for the new or next "hot" fly to market. Fly fishing has a history of an elitest existence that I also find interesting along with the patent and pattern infringements or trade secrets of prior generations. Today information and techniques are more openly shared across the internet or in books, good for us common folk.
  11. Good to hear you're on the mend, hopefully in the final stretch of your recovery and return to a healthy life.
  12. Very nice John, great idea for a unique gift.
  13. Absolutely wonderful Steve. Mike would really like that one and I would have to agree with him on that build, the blue and gold is classic.
  14. Just to get them to put them away for dinner is like pulling teeth, now some of the old ones also.
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