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  1. you keep this up I'll be in my neighbors pasture with scissors😁
  2. Very nice tie, hope you mend well, that really has to hurt.
  3. Sandan that's a pretty little fly maybe not a classic listed pattern but certainly a classic style. The only thing I might change is gap between the wing and the toping to have the topping closer to the wing, but that is only my eye. I think that is a very well tied a keeper for sure.
  4. Are they marked ? look like S&M bobbins they are still my favorite. probably favored from hanging around their fly shop. The vise is a good find it was the first rotary I ever saw a friend had one and he could spin a body nicely.
  5. Tier, I can't honestly answer your post, we have a no political comment rule that I fully support. What I will say is that I am happy you are getting to experience life growing up as most of us did. The important part is to learn from your experience's. Don't become a servant of the web, it is only a tool, not the center of the universe.
  6. still waiting for the lockup, getting impatient may have to travel.
  7. harvest them on the bird feeder then pluck and dye with grape koolaid you can skin them and borax and dye they tear very easy but are plentiful enough great bird to learn and practice on not protected by any means.
  8. One more Hen & Green hook- mustad 3906. thread- white underbody switch to black for hackle/head body- chartreuse silk & Kelly green silk, twisted independently then twisted to buttonhole twist hackle- hen or partridge head- peacock herl head
  9. another soft hackle Claret & Starling hook mustad 3606 thread claret silk, body silk thread abdomen, peacock herl thorax. starling hackle
  10. Mike I have used the maxcatch intermediate for trolling (WF) but to be fair I'm not casting it, for $12 decent line for what it is. lasted 3 years so far, I add heat shrunk & glued loops to them for rigging sections of lead core to achieve depth (don't trust cheap welded loops for trolling) also have their $18 china euro nymphing line also fine for use as I never cast distance (never tried) I carry spare spools of name brand closeout lines for casting / fishing
  11. Starling Wet hook; mustad C49S thread; claret silk body; fine black dubbing wings; starling hackle tips hackle; starling
  12. Mosquito Larva hook; mustad C49S size 20- thread; olive- tail; wood duck flank fibers- body; abdomen, stripped peacock herl w/ copper wire rib- wings; 2 grizzly hackle tips- thorax; peacock herl- gills/head; wood duck flank fibers
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