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  1. Been busy with life and a family issue, have not tied or fished in a while. I miss this forum and with my situation I don't have access to the internet until I return home on occasion. I have considered a smart phone but I would rather not be connected to the rest of the world. Expecting everything to return to normal in October.
  2. Sorry will try to post mine soon having a family issue to tie up my time at the moment.
  3. cphubert


    Yes, and with the way thing have been going lately for me I'd consider being a stow away (LOL). At times I marvel at what we (as people) are capable of doing with technology. Agree with Mike about a camp on the moon first, might be able to really improve my long distance casting there!
  4. sure i'll post the fly and instructions this coming week .
  5. Take care and get well, tying for most is a hobby not meant to interfere with life but add to it. I wish you the best.
  6. I'll give it a go, but the "flats" I fish are the salt ponds of New England so I'm tying a cinder worm (palolo worm in tropics)
  7. Very nice still enjoy the classic look, excellent cork to boot, owner should be very happy.
  8. Jon, Thank You for posting these I really enjoy freestyle you have a wonderful eye and ability.
  9. back to work? already ? nice build, I like the classic look. Steve, sorry your trip is over.
  10. Never dusted it with flour sounds like the crust would be better if that's possible. crunchy scrapple and eggs, my cardiologist does not approve of anything I enjoy.
  11. I’ll try to collect a few from Roosters cape and his Saddle. He’s a gentle Rooster has a nice pattern on his saddle. Here’s a pic of him. Walt Dette didn't always skin out the necks of his valued birds, he would use a pillow case with a hole, put the roosters head through it and pluck hackles of the live bird. Gordon was said to have a favorite red cock that he plucked hackles from while it sat on his lap, maybe it knew what the alterative method was.
  12. agree with Capt Bob & Philly, I use 9wt intermediate or sinking lines, the beach can be good, there is most always a trough line formed between the high and low tide wave action that will hold bait and the bass know it. look for other structure rocks, tidal pools, river / stream outlets on the beach at low tide and the way the sand bars form the troughs. Always pay attention to the birds they fish for a living and will show you where the bait and fish are. I have caught more than a couple of flounder and fluke from the beach also (Clouser's) they work the trough line also. Line management (stripping baskets help), wind, wading the beach or fishing from jetty, back casting room, have to be considerations. Lots of fun and new challenges to learn and explore. I have found most river outlets better on the dropping tide. Tides, currents, wind, and light (night, dawn, dusk vs bright days) have a large effect. fishing is best with wind from the west , fishing is least with wind from the east has more than some truth to it. may take little time to learn a area then a storm will come thru and change things, makes you appreciate what a good guide goes through in the course of a season or more.
  13. Late to the board this time, maybe the next one. Waiting to see the pictures.
  14. fishing squirmy worm patterns?
  15. cphubert

    Hearing loss

    DFoster keep us updated I just replaced my old ones last fall with a pair of Widex, really interested in how well the Bose work out. I have a severe high freq loss on left with moderate loss in right, has been difficult for the audiologist to adjust for me. These new devices are much better than my last pair but still leave me desiring in crowded conversations.
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