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  1. No pictures but did get to see it, very nice picture!
  2. Haze gray and underway! complete with a red waterline! makes me happy to have been a dirt sailor.
  3. Hello Bud, Hope your healing well good to see you still up and about!
  4. Smart Lady, wish I had finished the large project I wanted to complete before I retired, just didn't see it coming until COVID downsizing accelerated our plans.
  5. cphubert


    It is the same in parts northeast a lot of people less water or I should say easy to excess water. not uncommon for a popular run to get crowded. I have witnessed fights over fishing spots at the Cape Cod Canal. Yelling and screaming on Farmington, Housatonic, and Battenkill Rivers, watched one fisherman throwing rocks at a canoeing non-fishing couple. The Salmon River in Pulaski is similar at the peak runs. I have a little 7' 4wt that I go chase blue lines on the map with my trusty fish dog or drop the canoe in a pond or lake and troll the edges. A lot of water is available if you are willing to walk a little and fish during the week.
  6. I haven't heard that name in a while, remember Chris Helm from the fly tying symposiums. Nice guy, generous with his time and materials. Was happy to see Whitetail Fly Tieing continue after his passing.
  7. I had never heard of dragon wood and all I could find is that most of comes from the Florida Silk Tree Industry most used for bird perches and the toy industry- a hardwood not much else information.
  8. rendered polar bear but I imagine spermaceti whale oil would be the best.
  9. Blaketeague welcome to the site, TSMcDougald has good advise, if you need on-line reference's look at flytyingnewandold.blogspot.com he is a member on this forum (flytire) but has a extensive list of fly reference's and lists of on line suppliers in his columns (right hand side scroll down halfway or so) hope this helps.
  10. Very clean, the metallic gives it a nice bright spot. No fighting butt I would think it would be a help with 10' of rod levered in front of you.
  11. cphubert


    I know people that fish to eat and take all until they get what they want. I have seen fishermen "feed the racoons" to cull fish out of their way, panfish usually in both cases, but with the undersized gamefish also. I have fished with, usually only once, fly fishermen that belittle others from a high pulpit for not returning everything - except they need a picture taken with "their" fish and equipment and have found that we as fly fishers are usually the most righteous and critical. In my life I have and probably will continue to kill fish (less now than my youth). White & yellow perch, hornpout, trout, salters, strippers, cod, salmon, shad, sunfish and eaten them. I didn't carry a priest, many where gutted and bled to put in the creel or the cooler, many more thrown on the ice around the tip ups, ethical ?Is buying your fish more ethical, or just easier to let someone else do it. My pet peeve is not how you dispatch (hopefully quickly) or return your catch as long as you use it or revive it. Or the boaters, I don't paddle on weekends anymore. Or the sportsman on his pulpit, I like my solitude. The only thing that gets my goat is the trash. Want the best spot follow the path to the garbage pile. Here in the east it ranges from bottles & cans to lunch wrappers, fishing trash, condom wrappers, etc. so it is not all fishermen (hopefully) just my rant and my $.02
  12. Your really moving those 3wt's right along, different eye's on these. The 3 color wraps look nice, blend well and are not to loud, the second one is a single color olive? simple and sharp. both very nice rods.
  13. Loon makes one called the ergo bobbin yellow plastic hand grip? somehow I don't think that's the one your referring to.
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