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  1. take the waders with you if your going to buy local. street size 10.5W in korkers I'm in size 12 some of it may be the extra material in the waders.
  2. Hot Legs Nymph hook- mustad 9671 w/ orange bead head sized for hook, body- brown/black variegated chenille, tail/legs/antenna- silicone rubber orange black speckled antenna pulled through front of bead. many different color combinations, lots of movement, fishes well, easy to tie.
  3. Maybe a new pattern name, no one will want it.
  4. Poopdeck, great clip and great common sense medical advise. He makes a great case for less fear and panic but that doesn't sell and sensationalize things like our media and elected officials need to do. It is bad but we as a people will get through it with or without them.
  5. Flobs, Fritz & Jelly Fritz anyone else use it? will try the to compare against other egg type patterns on the rivers and ponds.
  6. Epoxy Smelt hook- mustad 94720 #, underbody- lead or metal tape trimmed to shape or wire (.032 stainless safety wire from a friend in the aircraft industry) tied to hook and bent to shape, tail- olive marabou w/ peacock topping, body- gold mylar piping colored with Sally Hanson purple metallic back w herter's fish scale (fine glitter) added. flanked with red hackle fibers behind head. entire body coated with epoxy, 2 coats cleaning residual blush between coats. painted eye's. this fly takes a lot of time due to epoxy and holding shape.
  7. Worms, my 3 favorite small pinky, redworm, and fat mop worm.
  8. Tiger Ghost Salmon hook- mustad 36890, tag- silver tinsel florescent green / orange uni, body- gudebrod black white butt wrap, wing- white / yellow / black hair (bucktail or bear), collar- silver pheasant with jungle cock nails.
  9. My father did not fish but both of my grandfathers did, one used a flyrod and I used one fishing with him, started with worms and grass shrimp for bait and using the line like a bobber fishing for brook trout and white perch, moved up to flies (cheap five & dime store type) to fish farm ponds and brooks with a gifted steel telescoping fly rod (traveled well on my bicycle) until it broke while casting. Saved my money for a fiberglass rod and fly tying vise from Herter's. Although I don't remember being successful I do remember a lot of people helping me and eating more than my share of fish, mostly panfish if I caught them. What drew me to fishing fly or otherwise was spending time with my grandfathers, later, time with friends on the water and a campfire. So my first experience fly fishing was very successful.
  10. Welcome to the forum Steve I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have spent some of my most memorable time in Nova Scotia on the Cheticamp and Margaree Rivers. The Cheticamp holds my heart as I caught my first Salmon on the Chance Pool many years ago fishing with my grandfather.
  11. Very nice Norm, I have always found blue in patterns I fish productive. I have not tied or fished the Autumn Twilight yet but I plan on adding it to my box. Thank you for the post.
  12. Kimo, very nice, articulated tail looks like the nicest shrimp pattern I have ever seen, what did you use for a spine?
  13. Connecticut open the trout season early, strongly encouraging social distance fishing, do not see the elbow to elbow stream fishing, yet, but the younger people that do fish are still close together and traveling together. Have not visited the shoreline for my white perch / sea-run trout spots.
  14. TSM, nice flies and welcome to the forum. How do you fish the red dandelion? do you find it effective ? how does it cast? Thanks for the post.
  15. Thanks Norm, I cut a length then pull some of the threads out of it to reduce bulk seems to help me keep a flatter profile. never was happy with it off the spool, don't have a lot of it left anyway. Find myself wanting to use more of my older unreplaceable stock.
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