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  1. Ya beat me to it, just looking over the In Fisherman 2021 ICE FISHING GUIDE and looking over the Reeds Outdoor catalog. If we move to Florida I'll have to make some Styrofoam floats for my tip ups 🙃
  2. I am a southpaw, most tying tools with the exception of scissors and a few vises are not a problem. I have 1 pair of anvil left hand tying scissors they have been out for sharpening thru a local hair salon due to the company discontinued manufacturing left hand models. Some of the newer right handed scissors seam to hold up well but it is just a matter of time before they open up. With a smaller production run where would the price point fall ? what other tying tools do you consider to need left hand models? I am interested.
  3. John, welcome from Connecticut. Not sure if this site will help you beat your addiction but at least you'll have the support of other fishing addicts.
  4. Good to see members coming back. Welcome.
  5. Nice and clean build, Great work as always.
  6. Read a article about a Massachusetts kayak fisherman that hooked into a small/medium Bluefin and it pulled him 11 miles off his course, he landed the fish and had radioed for assistance from a boat. Could not help imagining if he didn't get assistance, getting a eleven mile sleigh ride then trying to return with 250 or so pounds of shark feed on the side of your kayak. Every tuna I have caught was wild on the deck until we could burlap its eye's, subdue and bleed it. One of my kayak fishing partners loved to fished Charleston Breachway RI, by kayak. We made frequent trips and sometimes he went alone, our "numbers" where around the 1 mile mark, until 2018, he was skirted by a white shark that was longer or as long as his boat (13') no contact or aggression from the fish but he only fishes the surf today. Sold his kayak and is looking at a larger power boat. After his encounter I could not talk him into fishing the salt ponds in his kayak. All he remembers is looking at the sharks eye that he said where watching him and it was swimming with it's mouth open half turned on it's side. I pick and choose my days on the salt in my kayak. Capt. Bob that kind of trip sounds enticing, and having the experience and advise of a guide is a great piece of mind. I have heard off some N.J. mothership trips for offshore but it reminds me of the dory fleet. Never heard of some of them not returning (kayaks) but..... I would stay on deck and fish from the big boat. I truly enjoy small boats, trolling from a canoe, river fishing, still water ponds and lakes and the salt ponds and near shore salt. Fishing , crabbing, or being in the middle of a tree swallow murmuration during their fall migration. Human or engine power, sailing my outback on a summer fishless day. Time spent on the water be it a brook or the ocean, alone, with a dog or friend, always with a rod. Sorry for expanding the post into another direction.
  7. Yes and I would say that the design of the mentioned boats included motor use, just keep in mind they are displacement hulls not planning. I have a 12' square back Esquif mallard it was designed for a small motor (electric or 2 hp.) but seems to lose stability with sharp turns (suspect it is the short length combined with the 1/2 canoe hull). I have tested my PFD from it twice, added pontoons after the 2nd time. A keeper at 33 lbs. and ease of launching car top, besides it rows like dream but is horrible to paddle as are most immersed square stern canoes (drag). No issues with the sport boat and a 6hp great design excellent stability at all points, by far my favorite fishing boat. I would expect the Nucanoe to handle a small power unit well but I have never paddled or been in one. Another motor canoe is the golden hawk no drag as the transom is fine below the waterline. They are not available in my neck of the woods but it is lighter than the Nucanoe.
  8. that's actually a very reasonable deal @ 10 cents, they look to be more durable than the blister pack and condiment cups for shipping.
  9. No cabbage but I got a field of rotten tomatoes! That surprises me my base selection of dries are all Catskill style, those and the elk hair caddis are about 90% of the dries I fish.
  10. Alan, Great to hear from you miss your posts. No moss on your stone, sounds like you will be positively engaged for a while. " Lang May Yer Lum Reek" hope you get back to the vice. Chris
  11. When I was a kid my Aunt and I built a 17' folbot kayak in the living room for a winter project, wood framed and canvas covered. come spring we couldn't get it out of the room through the doors with the hallway, ended up taking a set of windows out to get it out of the house. Great memories, that boat reminds me of it.
  12. Condiment cups with lids, Walmart $3.00 for 25 (2oz.) amazon has 2 sizes 2oz and 5.5 oz. $12.00 per 200 for the 2 oz and $12.00 per 100 for the 5.5 oz. you can get better prices in the 1,000 piece market. the 2 oz will fit into a small zip lock bag with a business card for future ordering. for flat mailing streamers I use 4 x 6 or 2 x 4 zip lock with 2mm foam "hook holder glued to the business card included in envelope. Will try to post photo If Landon wants in a week or so when I get home. they are not as durable as the blister pack but without the large investment most blister packs run $.35 to.60 each until you hit the 1000 count or higher market and they will still crush.
  13. Always- better safe than sorry- you can clean, dry, then borax & freeze, need to kill any remaining mites and little buggers that want to eat your collection. Use caution before storing any home or friend processed items with the rest of your tying material. I wash loose feathers, into a old panty hose leg, wash in dish soap and water, rinse wash with clear water, dry in hose I use my wife's hair drier on low blow it into the open leg end secured with a rubber band. I do it when she is not around to see her hair drier being used unless she is understanding 😇 then into a zip-lock with some borax toss and freeze for a week or so. I still isolate and inspect before finale storage. sounds like overkill until some little buggy bastards eats a neck or ? I learned the hard way a long time ago thank God they where inexpensive import necks in a travel kit.
  14. address please, need to get some bugs in the mail.
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