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  1. It sounds like it was one of those so called "life changing experiences" for him! It could be the makings for a terrific movie! ; ) "In the jaws of the kayak, or vice-versa..."
  2. I don't have a kayak, but I wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at the pics that folks shared. Sharing a mostly common purpose, the diversity of them, and their environs, is cool too! Not sure how Chasing_Tails got that tarpon to jump at just the right moment for the camera! : )
  3. It's quite possible that the person answer your email message "didn't know how" to make all of the changes that would be required, and was just following their standard policy. Just a thought. I had to make about 8 phone calls to one financial services company to get the error they made resolved. Heck, 50% of the time I make a special request at a fast food restaurant they mess it up! Maybe that's just part of life in the 21st century, where "everything" is automated? : )
  4. Not to mention the "free stuff" is of no real value if you don't need it. They need a promoter who better understands what they are selling and who they are selling it to... The free items are probably ones they couldn't sell the normal way...but the ad DOES say "economy fly tying tools" at the top (which to my way of thinking does little for their otherwise fine image). Why not try to impress me with the "quality" of the items in your inventory instead? That said, they did get our attention.
  5. I saw a "Frontier 12" at "the (local) boat show" last year. They had a pool right there, and I should have asked if they would drop it in and let me try it (they had the chance to extend the offer and they passed it up). As has been quite helpfully pointed out, each choice has compromises that I definitely didn't completely appreciate at first. By the way, if you would like to see what dollar signs really look like, visit your local Boat/RV show! : ) An adequate number of people were toting cocktails; a few were already overtaken by them by noon. A completely different audience than that of the "woodworking show" which is held at the same venue! : ) I had the feeling that the boat/RV industry was pushing "the good life"! : ) Some of us would like to get as much of the good life as we can--on a budget. That's why I tie my own flies! : ) (that's a little joke).
  6. Thanks for answering my question! : )
  7. Just curious, is the chart above designed to make Metz look inferior, or are they genuinely inferior?
  8. It is very pretty... What is the story behind the dark "stripes" on the grip? Did you somehow "improve" the condition of the cork?
  9. That's a very insightful perspective. Thanks for sharing it! As you know, there are people attaching fish finders to their Nucanoe Frontier 12's. That one is attractive for it's casting bar (add on). I'm not sure whether that feature is compatible with "pedal power" or not. I don't think I've ever seen a YouTube video where someone had both features. And (FWIW), I think they have alot of nerve asking $1200 for an 8-pound "pedel power converter"), on top of the $1500 for the kayak. I suspect that kayak market competition will bring that down a bit with time. Even $800 would be $100-per-pound. $4000 or so will get you a new 200 pound Mercury with electric start that I suspect will probably outlast that pedal drive more than several times over. : )
  10. Thank you. I saved a link to their web site as I have not seen it before. Some "interesting stuff" there! By the way, I know squat about fishing saltwater, but I suppose I'm willing to learn! : ) I spent a week in Tampa a couple of years ago, and sat and watched others fish. That was before I got "my head back into fishing"... One very minor advantage to not owning vacation property is you can go "anywhere you want"! : ) Someone asked me what I would like for Christmas yesterday, and I suggested one of those books I've seen on Amazon, "Flyfishers guide to fishing ____". It turned into a multiple choice question and I chose WV, since it always seems so lovely when I drive through. So perhaps that will be on the upcoming agenda. I enjoyed last years trip to MO too! As you probably know, 2020 was a "bust"... our planned trip to the AuSable had to be cancelled, but hopefully we will reschedule that one for next year. We usually fit in at least one trip per year, but this year was an exception. Bill
  11. Thank you all for the video, info, and pictures! I think the video JSzymczyk posted a link to is one of the "most informative videos" that I've seen. I have been looking at the 12 foot Nucanoe "Frontier"--actually, my wife found it on her own, way ahead of me (intending "to bird" with it) and she was interested until she found out that it was too heavy for her to load on and off her vehicle by herself. Also in the running is a Lowes 16' "utility" boat. It is perhaps a good choice for the 3 of us to float along as harmoniously as a husband, wife and dog are able to...lol! But I can't see towing it halfway across the country--sort of unfair to the boat, the trailer, and our vehicle (which is not a pickup). I know of one place in Michigan that rents row boats...I think the "3 of us" should go for a ride before I make up my mind, so that I know for sure who will actually use our "floatation vessel". In the meantime, I enjoy wading (fortunately! : ) ). Cheers, Bill
  12. I have been kicking around idea of getting an aluminum boat or even a (Nucanoe) kayak for months now. Towing and storage are two issues, I'd have to deal with. It occurred to me that an inflatable kayak may overcome both of these obstacles. Does anyone have experience in fly fishing out of one of those. Oars/paddles secured to the kayak, would seem to be a big plus (maybe that doesn't make sense due to the "wear" that would put on the "boat"). My local target is small lakes, but these things pack up so small that it would be easy to take them long distances (much more convenient than pulling a trailer). Anyone have advise/experience they can share? Bill
  13. I think a better question to start with is "What 5 flies do you wish to tie?", and let that guide the choice as to the colors (needed). The way the question above is worded, makes it seem like advertising (to me). If you have such capes to gift, that is an entirely different matter! Put me down for a badger. :)
  14. I tried adjusting my bobbin a couple of times, trying to convince myself it wasn't the thread. But in the end, a direct comparison of new thread versus what I had made me replace all that I had. The sooner you buy some new thread, the happier you will be..trust me.
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