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  1. Just a comment. The older version of "What's New" made more sense (to me). I don't think there's a need to itemize every post made--it was easier to just locate a new post in a thread of interest and "jump in". The list was much shorter and thus easier to use that way. That said, I won't complain about a service that is basically provided for free--I'm just providing my feedback.
  2. Strangely, there's almost always a folk-music or folk-culture event not too far away when my wife and I arrive at my distant fishing vacation destinations. What a coincidence! : )
  3. Fishing gives you an excuse to travel to new places. Of course, "nice fish" aren't as prevalent in my locale as yours... I was looking forward to going out of state in a few weeks, but this C.V thing put a lid on it for the time being. In the meantime, I'm grateful for my health.
  4. redietz wrote: And the trick there is to never tie just one of a pattern. Yes! The "overhead" of getting the materials ready and putting them away properly and cleaning up, seems to take the most time! You'll never regret having extra flies, in multiple sizes. And you may improve a bit on successive attempts (at least, I do). Don't be afraid to strip a hook clean with a razor blade. Bill_729
  5. Bill_729


    A relative gave us a Christmas ornament based upon the year we were married, which I find sentimental. I'm sure you are only a click away from ideas of that nature which will inspire your carving or your purchasing. The one we have is actually a little too big and heavy for our (full size) artificial tree. Draw 2020 on a block of bass wood (preferably, as its easy to carve), add ornamentation to suit your taste, and you are on your way. Finish suitably and add a small eyelet on top.
  6. Thanks for the tips Mike. There aren't many aluminum boats that are rated for 600# worth of passengers (for the 3 of us). The 16-foot aluminum boat I provided a link to (Lowe 1668W), which has a "utility-vee" shaped hull, is 375#. The boat is in the category of "utility boat", so it's not "top of the line". Motor is roughly 200# say. Add fuel, battery, plus possible trolling motor and battery and we are easily over 1200#. Max HP for boat is 30. What would you put on it (and what would you expect)? The "Yacht Club" trailer it is paired with (model 1612F), is $899 and is 48" between fenders. I noticed Yacht Club has a model 1612B which is 62" between fenders. The "beam" of the boat is 68", so, "knowing virtually nothing at all about this", the latter trailer makes more sense to me for "more-confident" towing (though I did not see it on my nearest dealer's website). Neither appeared to offer much in the way of "suspension" (seems to me it can't be that good for them to vibrate a boat or motor for hundreds of miles). At this point, any decision is possible. I've learned that boat maintenance is not trivial (if you are doing it yourself), but I'm sure it's not to bad after the first time around. I remind myself that I enjoy wading, and would probably have fun in my local ponds with a small jon boat or even a simpler flotation mechanism. The truth is that one probably needs several boats to cover all of the bases-ha. The boat offers the advantage of being able to accommodate my wife and her service dog (who goes everywhere with us). I think I will l will look harder to rent a boat first to see how much she really likes it... (she wants to "bird" from the boat). When I wade, I leave her and the dog in a chair back on the shore. I saw from one of your videos that your boat was working out for you! (that's the same style of fishing I would like to do). Using a trolling motor to move along the shoreline sounds really cool. I've learned a lot about boats in a month or so, and am sure I will continue to learn more. Boat electronics seem to have really evolved too (and I haven't even looked into that--I just noticed their presence in some YouTube videos). It would be nice to see the "depth" at a glance. By the way, the boat covers on Amazon where made of polyester. Your idea of adding a "frame" makes sense. They actually sell a "post" for the same purpose. Maybe I could add a "bimini" boat top? : ) Cheers, Bill
  7. Thank you for the feedback regarding the boat and the trailer. The capacity I need, the capacity of my towing vehicle, and my budget, all limit my choices. Compared to most boat offerings, the item I am looking at almost doesn't quality as a "modern day boat" at all! Almost like trying to access the Internet with punch cards! : ) I expect that if I buy a boat, trailer and motor from the same boat dealer, that I would be entitled to some discount. Does anyone have experience with this that they are willing to share? Do sales below "nationally advertised prices" occur frequently? So far I have never been to a boat dealer at all--I was going to go one day last week, then google pointed out that it was almost a 2-hour drive each way--53 miles of it down a road having street lights! ; ) I'll probably get there eventually--it's still February, and I would need to clear out half of a garage to make room for it! One other question: I noticed that the boat dealer sells a boat cover for about $600, and that boat covers are available on amazon for roughly 10% of that. Also, they have "motor covers". What does the "voice of experience" say? Thanks! Bill_729
  8. Update for anyone who has read this thread. I contracted the SML state park, and have been in touch with their "concessionaire" (who rents stuff). He offered to rent me a 150 HP boat and told me that that to the best of his knowledge, no one on SML rents aluminum boats. This seemed strange to me for a "fishing lake"---but it's consistent with my not finding rentable aluminum boats with motors anywhere. I know a few other places that have row boats, but my list isn't very long compared to the number of lakes I am familiar with. Maybe there are "liability issues"--or that it's just easier to make money renting canoes and kayaks at $20/hr. I have been learning about aluminum boats, motors and trailers, etc. in the meantime. I am currently considering a Lowe 1668w though I have never seen one in the flesh. Here is a link: https://www.loweboats.com/utility-boats/v1668w/ It has a "person capacity" of 732 pounds, which is more than I need, but the "runner-up" only has a capacity of 560 pounds, which isn't quite enough (we'll have to get the dog on a diet! ; ) ). If anyone knows anything about boats, how do you think this one might move loaded with 1000# (including motor, battery, fuel and all),with a 30hp Mercury motor? Also, what about fuel consumption in this scenario? I saw the $899 trailer having 12" tires it is paired with and it looks a little wimpy to me. Am I wrong to think I should upgrade to a $1300 one having 13" tires? The boat is made of aluminum that is (only) .061" thick. Is that something that I should be concerned about? Sorry for so many questions. I will visit my local dealer after I am finished learning online. I spoke with someone from the dealership at the boat show a few weeks back, but that person seemed less informed than me (perhaps because the boat dealership was still open that day)...lol. Think spring! : ) Thanks, Bill_729 I
  9. Mark wrote: Best of luck, have fun, show us pictures when you get back. Thanks, will do. My wife announced that she would like to possibly post-pone our trip, if necessary, to make sure the weather is good at Smith Mountain Lake--so we are going to see this place one way or another--and that includes our dog. : )
  10. Mikechell wrote: "I think it's referred to as, "manna from heaven". But, fortunately/unfortunately, I'm a little too far north for that." -It's a pretty well-kept secret that in northern Michigan, it can "rain mayflies" in the summer evening (someone should write a song?) You have to "see it to believe it!" As this point, I'm excited of the prospects of exploring SML! I need to review the "fundamental rules of boating" (veer left?/veer right?) , it's been a while. : ) Bill
  11. I appreciate all of the tips suggested I had not thought of a float tube, but that may be something which would help me fish my local ponds-but not for this lake I think. An "Outdoor Show" is coming to town in a few weeks, and I'll see what they have. As Mike pointed out, this lake appears to have lots of coves which would make fishing it fun--and the motor would be helpful. It appears that the state park rents row boats with motors, for 4 hours for $45; I'm not sure whether that includes gas or not. And yes, I anticipate that I will be fly fishing only. But since it's a deep lake I think, I could tote a spinning rod and reel (sacrilege?). The scheduled trip is in about 2 months, so I'll allow the weather will help me make the final decision of whether I stop at the lake this time or not. And yes, I found the lake by just looking at the map--almost like throwing a dart, except I knew my final destination. Hint: It's $8/day for a license to fish in VA, $15/day in KY, and $23 for a license for 3 days to fish in NC, which, under my circumstances, is effectively $23 for 1 day. This lake is in VA--so there's $15 I can put towards the boat right there! : ) By the way, I'm not sure about the other states, but VA has a "continuous" fishing season--no dates, except for itemized exceptions involving trout waters. If I catch fish, I'll post a picture for you all! : ) In the meantime, those of us who don't live in Florida have to deal with the rest of February and March. Bill
  12. I noticed that I may be driving by Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia in a few months. I would love to stop and fish for the day (without dropping alot of cash--I'll stay at the nearest "Quality Inn" style of place) but I'm not sure how to approach it. I didn't really have any luck with "takemefishing.org". When I was a kid, we used to rent 10 or15 HP "row-boats", but for some reason, their availability doesn't seem to be as common as it used to be, having been replaced by pontoon and speed boats at ~$100/hr. I have "waders" if there is a good wade-able area (and I enjoy wading). I am approaching this from a "warm water" perspective, since that's what I'm used to, but I'm not picky. According to what I read, this lake is suppose to have some good bass in it. Any suggestions welcome (and I'm not stuck on this destination--I'll consider any to the west). I've thought of just driving around "stopping when I find a fishy-looking spot". but I thought it may be better to ask here--Please, help "guide" me. : ) [Added] Since I posted this, I noticed the existence of "Smith Mountain Lake State Park". I suspect that may be one the easier access points. Motels not too far away in Altavista. Thank you, Bill
  13. Bill_729

    Water bug

    Thank you for the tips! I had fun studying all of the examples I found online. I'll cut up some sandwich bags too! Bill_729.
  14. Bill_729

    Water bug

    I saw some nice pictures there. I didn't see any dry flies (but I came away with an idea of how to make some). What does Kimo generally use for what I'll inappropriately call the "wing cover" (in this case it would be the body)? I have a turkey wing feather, but not really the right color. But I'm willing to give it a shot. ; ) What's the worst thing that can happen... Bill
  15. Bill_729

    Water bug

    This summer while I was pond fishing in Indiana, I regularly saw on the water these things that resembled what I used to call Pill-Bugs as a kid -- except not being near the water I never saw one in the water at that time. They were quite close to the shore. The ones I saw were there by the dozens, and actively swimming in circles amongst themselves. My brief Internet search suggests I may possibly not be far off on what I saw. Please further my knowledge a bit, if you can. Assuming the fish would be interested, what would you tie to imitate these, and how would you fish it? : ) Regards, Bill
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