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  1. Love the color on that streamer, looks great
  2. i had the same problem before, i switched to using my wife's clear nail polish for head cement it actually works great, don't ever have the heads fall apart and it looks great.
  3. those are two great flies, i also like a hare's ear nymph, cought alot of trout on them.
  4. nice fly, think it would be a brown killer
  5. well you could possibly tie a number of different flies depending on the color of the yarn you have, and if you have other materials with it. i have seen brown trout cought on a piece of red thread on a hook. chris
  6. i have a fly shop about 5 miles from my house, only problem is she does not carry a very wide selection of tying materials, fly tying in my area has seem to become sort of a lost art. then The famous Fran Betters owns a fly shop about 25 minutes from my house, on the west branch of the ausable. there is a few other fly shops around too, but i have never ventured into them. chris
  7. your fine to use it, you can actually still go hunt polar bear in quite a few places. chris
  8. Welcome, sounds like you will fit in fine. chris
  9. nice looking nymph, where did u get the barbs for the tail
  10. Great looking fly, love the ribs.
  11. Grumbacher Tuffilm may cure your problem, i have never used it on marabou but have used it on hackle fibers. It is a really fine film spray they use to cover oil canvas paintings, works well for strengthening the hackle fibers on fly's i tie for bass. Just a suggestion, if you decide to try it you can get it at almost any craft store. chris
  12. I have cought alot of bass on a olive wooly bugger, i use crystal flash on the body it seems to work alot better.
  13. try putting head cement or clear nail polish over the thread before u put the turbo disk on
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