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  1. Good thing it wasn't his thumb and index finger. He'll manage fine without a pinkie. On a side note he may want to take a firearms course on safe gun handling so a bigger accident doesn't happen later.
  2. I'm 4 years this April and ya cold turkey was the way to go for me too. Congrats the hard part is over enjoy a smoke free life.
  3. Snapseed, you can process your pictures of that giant fish from the phone and upload them right away.
  4. A few of my favorites of Poppy and Skyla. I only have one of the two but they are sisters. Poppy lives with me. Skyla Poppy
  5. It's a fantastic camera that's capable of doing everything you want it to do plus more.
  6. I use 80 to 120 pound fluorocarbon and use the knot below and you'll have not problems with slipping. Carefull not to get a snag as it's really hard to break it off. I use a small section of lighter weight mono between the fly line and fluoro for that problem. http://leetauchen.com/lees_leader_knot.pdf
  7. I'm late to the party as always but congrats on the bike.
  8. Awesome looking rod and that reel is a nice touch to finish it off.
  9. Now I remember you're the one that helps me spend too much money at the fly shop cause you have all these killer patterns. Man I feel a shopping trip coming on.
  10. If you really want to break the law try a 0wt for the little guys.
  11. Thanks Al and sorry for the late response. I use the same method as you to get rid of the smell, I must have enough now to last a life time.
  12. I prefer fly photos in color and both of these are out of focus.
  13. Keep going Will Change is good and these don't happen overnight so give the guy the some time.
  14. I've ordered from him twice and it took a long long long time. I'd order from him again in a heart beat, it's cheap, excellent quality and it's nice that it shows up after you've forgotten you've ordered something.
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