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  1. I tie saltwater patterns a lot these days. My primary source for hooks as well as materials is Feathercraft in St. Louis or Millers Place in Texas for certain hooks, specifically Gamakatsu.
  2. St. Louis Missouri....and yes we do have trout fishing in Missouri.
  3. The link comes up and plays for me Terry and I have QT as well. Sorry I can't offer more.
  4. Thank you steelie, (fellow dudester?) again, I was looking for the little tricks one might develop having tied some already.
  5. Happy New Year Fella's, I am looking for some input/advice on assembling the Enrico Puglisi Turbo Popper. I need to put together 25 of these flies and was curious if anyone had a good technique developed or some experience with tying them. I have reviewed the EP website and watched the video of Enrico building them. Its a pretty cool fly, I am tying them in 4/0 and 6/0 for an upcoming trip. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. WOW! KB, thats not a bench, thats a miniature fly shop. Very nice sir! :bugeyes:
  7. Thank you for the input guys. CoachBob.......great avatar.
  8. Bald eagle cape, almost as good as whooping crane, but the best is California condor............ I really did use the eagle feathers, found it dead where I duck hunt.
  9. I am getting ready to tie up a bunch of flies for a Peacock bass trip on the Amazon, :yahoo: so I need to tie the big stuff. I wanted to use a Mustad 34011 in 6/0 to 8/0 but I have not been able to find that specific style of hook any larger than 3/0. I am planning to tie up some LARGE top water stuff, Dlbgh. divers as well as Bangers, Gurglers, poppers etc. For some of these I am using the big Rainy's foam heads, diving heads, turbo popping heads etc. for this project as the guys in my group are looking to me to deliver some productive top water flies. These patterns are what I have determined to be a good start. I need that long shank to put the bite/throat area of the hook more directly in line with the fish's strike zone. Can anyone cross reference or give me a good call on a conquerable style hook I can look toward? :dunno: Any and all suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  10. Thank you for the welcoming words fellas, looking forward to jabbering with you.
  11. Thank you for the input, all of you, much appreciated. Let me run a couple more thoughts and observations by you. Chrismartin, when you emphasize big crease flies, what length to you actually envision these flies being. I have a dozen tied up that run 5" in length. Many of them are built using silver foil backed foam on a Mustad 34011 in 4/0 hook size. I did put some rattles into few of them, are you thinking bigger yet? Futzer, I would be happy to post some pictures. I will try to like to post some images of what I have tied so far to get some input from you guys and others. Tidewaterfly, we fished Wollaston Lake for pike around 12 years ago with Barry Reynolds. He showed me how to tie up his bunny bug pattern and I have a batch of these ready for Peacocks as well. Good advice on the Clouser's, they are next on my "to tie" list. I need to bring a lot of flies as my no good bandit fishing buddies are always raiding my box at cocktail hour .
  12. Thanks for the"nod". I am in a group of 6 that has been fishing together for over 18 years now. Once a year we get gather for a trip. This is a dream trip for us as well, we stayed home and fished locally for the last two years to save for this one.
  13. Hello to all. I have been lurking for a bit and found this forum to be really interesting and informative, thus decided to register. I have been fly fishing for over 25 years and tying for the last 12. I am self taught in tying via books, mags. and the internet but found the info in here really helpful and creative. I have fly fished all over the world, from Chile to Tanzania to Belize to the Bahamas to Saskatchewan to Missouri. The one thing I have learned in these travels that is steadfast, is how much more there is to learn. Thanks for having me. Mark
  14. Happy holidays to all. I am looking for suggestions on Peacock bass flies. I have tied a wide variety of patterns for my Amazon trip in January :yahoo:. I am just considering that someone may have a specialty pattern that isn't on the popular listings so any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I thank you in advance and be well. M
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