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  1. I agree with you, the fishing was really tough, and I'm with you as we'll on the flat lander part, I'm from southern missouri and the mountains are nice but wouldn't want to live there!
  2. I raise chickens too!! I would be down for a skin
  3. And of course I've been filling my fly box with lots of random nymphs and such
  4. Here you go guys, maybe this is better
  5. Sorry, I'm posting from my phone and I guess it just does that
  6. I agree with flytire, definitely need to fish the blue river! There is a lot of good fish in there
  7. Here is my contribution, tied this yesterday along with a bunch of pt nymphs
  8. Hey all, haven't posted on the forums here in probably two or three years but I'd like to share with you my first trip to Colorado I took last week! We fished the Colorado river which was tough to fish but the scenery was beautiful which made the trip worthwhile, I didn't have a guide so it was just me and my cousin, we also fishe the blue river which I had a little better luck on and managed a nice rainbow out of it, here is a picture of the Colorado river and my blue river rainbow! Forgot to mention I'm from joplin missouri so there aren't many wild trout opportunities so this was a different world
  9. Im suprised you havent mentioned Ronn Lucas or Bud Guidry yet, I think our own Bruce Derington deserves to be on the list as well for his amazing talent with deer hair and the classics
  10. Ive never fished over there but, a good pattern ive had sucess with is the partridge and orange, i think you can tie it all the way up to a 12
  11. For the price, i would definately recommend a Griffon Spyder vice, its a true rotary vice, its only like 80 dollars and has a 70 year or maybe its a lifetime warranty, i love the one i have!
  12. Im still around, im guilty of lurking around, i havent been on here in months!
  13. sweet, more time to procrastinate finishing my fly
  14. ill get mine finished soon, im tyin it slow
  15. that is pretty awsome :headbang:
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