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  1. Again, thanks for the information, planettrout: I will be adding that renegade to the list; SilverCreek: that book was ordered a week ago, and scheduled to arrive any day now! Thanks again everybody for the information! I will check back again later...
  2. Thank you all for the responses! It's nice to have such firsthand knowledge before departing, as it will make fine-tuning the trip that much easier, particularly the river access, and seasonal information. We may have to turn this into a summer/fall trip instead! I will be doing quite a bit more research before we make any final decisions, fortunately I have plenty of time. For now though, I will get to tying with the suggestions made thus far, and do a little more looking into the area. I will definately create a new post with the fishing report/photograph's when the trip is done. Thanks again, I will check the post again soon.
  3. Hello everybody, This is my first post on an online forum, and I'm looking for a few suggestions. The wife and I will be taking a trip to Montana to fish the Madison, and surrounding rivers in late spring/early summer this year. I live in Florida, and almost all of my flyfishing has been Warmwater/Saltwater, with VERY limited experience with freshwater trout. I consider myself to be an experienced flytyer, and an average flycaster. I already have a 6 wt. flyrod/reel combo with WF line. Can anybody out there recommend a good selection of flies for the Madison River/surrounding area that I should start tying, as well as any hints/tips on flyfishing for trout in that part of the country? I thank you all in advance for your responses, and will check back with the forum every day or so.
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