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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Everyone, Just signed up, what great site! I've been on here a bit for research in my fly tying endeavours. I would consider myself a novice fly tyer at best. Just getting away from the basic patterns and getting into tying streamers. I have a few questions on these patterns I came across. I love these flies but am having trouble figuring out the material used on these 2 patterns. I think the materials are mostly synthetics but I am not too familiar on what they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kyle
  2. HI all. Beginners question for tying tubes. I'm pretty sure I can source the appropriate materials.... Just wondering if there are any special skills or techniques that we need to develop to be successful? Am looking at tying up some streamers on tubes for a mate who will be fishing BC in the Fall. Many thanks.
  3. Hello everybody, This is my first post on an online forum, and I'm looking for a few suggestions. The wife and I will be taking a trip to Montana to fish the Madison, and surrounding rivers in late spring/early summer this year. I live in Florida, and almost all of my flyfishing has been Warmwater/Saltwater, with VERY limited experience with freshwater trout. I consider myself to be an experienced flytyer, and an average flycaster. I already have a 6 wt. flyrod/reel combo with WF line. Can anybody out there recommend a good selection of flies for the Madison River/surrounding area that I should start tying, as well as any hints/tips on flyfishing for trout in that part of the country? I thank you all in advance for your responses, and will check back with the forum every day or so.
  4. I live in North Texas (Erath County and work in Weatherford) and am going to East Texas for the weekend before Thanksgiving to stay at the in-laws by lake Palestine. I fish in the Brazos below Possum Kingdom as a home water for Striped Bass and other species. I have been intrigued by some of the articulated streamers tied by Galloup and others and am wondering what people use with any measure of success. I would like to try a game changer, drunk and disorderly, or one of Galloup's. I have a marabou (head and tail) leach with Angora dubbing body and rainbow Krystal Flash (tail and sometimes head) in olive and black that works well off and on. Other than clousers what are people using? Is anyone trying articulated flies? I need to be able to get down to 10 feet and sometimes more based on what I hear from a conventional angler that is local. I have a full sink 7ips line by SA and a full float line on my 8wt.
  5. I have been tying up a bunch of flies for an upcoming pike trip to Canada. Since it has been winter here, I hadn't been able to test any of my flies until this past weekend. I went out Saturday and tried each different style to see how they would swim. The big tube flies and EP fiber baitfish all sat and floated nearly horizontal in the water in between strips. When I would strip in the deceivers and rabbit strip type flies, the heads would sink in between strips. This doesn't look very natural to me, do you think it will bother the fish? I have never fished a deceiver before, is this what they are supposed to do in the water? I was wondering if I wasn't using enough of the thicker, more buoyant pieces of bucktail, or maybe my hooks are too heavy. I have been tying most of these flies on 3/0 Partridge Universal Predator X hooks. Maybe these flies are just meant to be stripped faster so the head doesn't have a chance to sink, or maybe it doesn't matter to the fish if they swim this way. Let me know what you all think.
  6. Does anyone know where you can get wiggle tails in the US? I can only seem to find them on European websites and would prefer to not have to buy them from overseas. Also, does anyone have any experience with them? I think they would be deadly when used with a tube fly rig.
  7. Anyone ever tried using something like this for streamers? Going to give it a go tonight and try them tomorrow at a private strip mine.
  8. I have just finished tying up a few deer hair sculpins in size 6 for a planned attack on some local monster brown trout. I really enjoy tying with hair; but I got to wondering today, how many of us dabble in hair anymore? My bass popper go-to's are simple foam or cork jobs, though I have a collection of hair bugs too. I prefer to use hair/foam combos on my hoppers, and I enjoy fishing with the traditional hair muddler. So - who still uses hair anymore? Anyone get the same "kick" out of it that I do? Of course the creativity of all fly tying is why we're in this ...
  9. What type of hackles are best for streamer saltwater patterns? What company? Where to buy? Neck, saddle? Help!
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