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  1. Hey Rado- Could you post the pattern for that nymph? It looks very realistic, and I'd like to try tying some up. Thanks
  2. Sounds (and looks) like you guys had a great time fishing. What did you catch the fish on?
  3. Wow, that looks awesome. It looks like a black Alaskabou. I'm going to have to try tying them in different colors!
  4. QUOTE (Troutman @ Mar 6 2005, 10:43 PM) welcome to the tiny fly club. Like lanvaettir said it's a slippery slope and the next thing you know you're trying to tie a size 28 adams and dreaming of getting your hands on some size 32 hooks. Jim Um... is it just me, or are your fingers purple???
  5. Thanks for the input. Ill try to tie them sparser. About 5 minutes after i posted this, i read the Clouser thread at the Bench.
  6. Of the few materials I've tried, I like Partridge the best.
  7. Did anybody go to this besides me? I thought it was really cool. I even saw of the masters himself - Blane Chocklett! I never thought i'd meet him in real life, and when i talked to him, i kind of had trouble getting the words out . It was fun seeing him there, and some of the flies he had tied with Sili Skin were amazing. He was one of the youngest guys there, but his flies were amongst the best. I also saw someone name Hopper (first name i forgot, if you're reading this, i apologize, but i only got a glimpse of your area) and a pair of two people, a man and a woman known as the "Wulffs". The expo was yesterday, March 5th. I know this was a little late, but i just had to see if anyone else was there. I should go to the next one too. Also, i asked Blane about this (but since he doesn't live here, he wasn't too sure); does anybody know a place in the Bergen County area of New Jersey where LocoFoam/LocoSkin is sold? The Ramsey Outdoors had Sili Skin, so i know where to get that. Thanks! Tight Lines!
  8. Boy, Jimmy, Nutcrackers, Carp, Cichlids, it seems as though that nymph catches everything! I'll have to tie some of those up!
  9. Sorry about the quality of the picture, I had just finished a Coca-Cola, so i was pretty jumpy. The fact that I couldn't get the lighting right kind of messed up the picture, but i hope you can still salvage a viable image. I got the idea of using synthetics from Pujic's Clouser Minnow... I can't even come close! This is one of my first flies (maybe number 50), so I'm still getting used to things. Criticism is welcome. Tight Lines! TRBD
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by TroutRuleBassDrool: Polar Aire Clouser
  11. Thats good to hear! Im still in my teens, so I wouldn't know how bad artheritus is, but I've heard it can be hell. Good luck with the surgery! Tight Lines!
  12. SD, did you use the needle method for tying the tail/lower body? Anyway, that looks like it should be a powerful producer!
  13. That looks awesome! Could you share the pattern for making it?
  14. I remember when I was bait fishing (bait, ugly word, eh? JKJK) and we (my father and I) used hellgramites on the Delaware. Those suckers had large jaws, so i made my dad hook them . He was almost as scared as i was! However, the hellgramites proved to be very productive. I always carry some hellgramite patterns with me where ever i go.
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