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  1. Hi Group, Franz Pott patterns, George Grant patterns, the Makay Special and others are featured in our book, the Art of the Weave. It is available on Amazon or on our website (btsflyfishing.com). The hackle for the Pott's Mite and the Grant's patterns are all woven on a loop of thread. Both men "patented" their weaving designs. Pott's patent(s) featured 2- or 3-thread weaving loops and Grant used a 2-thread weaving loop. Grant's hackle weaving method was different that either of Pott's methods. Take care & ... Tight Lines - (Gretchen &) Al Beatty www.btsflyfishing.com
  2. Ditto on Fabric Fusion but Lock-Tite Super Glue is also good. Take care & ...
  3. Hi jss127, In the past, I've used a Dremel tool to "clean out" bobbin tubes. To do so I found I needed to make a burnishing tip for the tool our of #10 copper wire. I cut a 2-inch section of wire then ground one end to a blunt tip with a belt sander so it would fit inside the tip of the bobbin tube. A gentle application of the fast spinning tip inside the bobbin tube fixed about 90% of any problem bobbin I had. It's worth a try and the cost of a 2-inch section of #10 copper wire is not much. By the way, after cleaning out a few bobbins, a groove will wear in the copper tip. Just smooth it back up with the belt sander and continue cleaning out bobbin tubes. Good luck! Take care & ...
  4. Hi Group, We use two methods. In our long-term storage boxes we use no-smell moth "blocks." We get them at Lowe's; they are white and round (about 3" in diameter, don't remember the name). We use Red Man chewing tobacco in our short-term storage boxes. It does a good job but is only effective for about 6 months. Take care & ...
  5. Wow! I didn't know that could happen. We've been using S-glue since the late 60s. Sorry for your problem. Take care & ... Tight Lines - Gretchen & Al Beatty www.btsflyfishing.com
  6. After reading some of the posts in this thread, we understand why we had to "go through" a different sign on process. Take care & ... Tight Lines - Gretchen & Al Beatty www.btsflyfishing.com
  7. We have a couple of #1 vises but not interested in selling them. Good luck with your search. Take care & ...
  8. Most of the "office clip" grabbers tend to allow the cdc to slip a bit more than we want. We found if we crazy glue short sections of rubber band to the heavy black, metal clips, the hold the cdc quite well. Take care & ...
  9. Hi Camp'n'fish, The "stringies" inside a boat bungee are protected from UV by the outer covering. Regular rubber leg material or silicone skirts for bass lures make much better legs on fishing flies. In time, even they will become brittle with dry rot. Take care & ...
  10. We both use an assortment of reading glasses with different power ratings. EX: Gretchen ties with 5 power and Al ties with 3 power. Both of us also have a set of 2 power glasses on a lanyard around our necks. When we need a quick increase in power, we just put a second set of glasses on our noses over the ones already there. The extra glasses are real handy for checking a fly head to be sure there is no unwanted "waste material" showing. Take care & ...
  11. Love ALL of the flies on this thread. Take care & ...
  12. We don't coat the quill wings and yes they do come apart but for fishing that seems to make no difference. Optional wet fly wings from mallard flank fibers are easy to tie and attractive to fish. Take care & ...
  13. Hi TIER, I liked your YouTube video. It's a strong effort as a first video. Yes, there are some things you could do different. I'd be pleased to GIVE you one of our books (The Self Publishing Encyclopedia). One of the chapters in it is the methods we use to shoot YouTube videos. You may find it helpful. Please email me (us) at [email protected] or go to our website (www.btsflyfishing.com) and use the "Contact" link. Be sure to put Fly Tying Forum Book Offer in the subject line. We'll need your USPS Mail address to send the book. Take care & ...
  14. Hi It includes 21 different weaves when considering the variations and also includes some rawhide braiding techniques Al learned as a working cowboy in the '60s. Of course those techniques are placed on a fish hook in our book not a horse but you might find them interesting. They certainly add a bit of "wow" to a fish hook but honestly the fish probably won't care. Take care & ...
  15. Hi The body Pott body weave is the same as illustrated in the Grant book but Grant's hackle weave (and knot) is much different. In our book we feature the 2 and 3 strand loom weave cover in the two patents Pott filed (1924 & 1931).
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