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  1. Sad to hear this, Mike has left his mark on our community and wish him the best as well
  2. If no one is moving on this, I’ll grab Turks Tarantula
  3. All responses are right on. laying down wraps b4 tying in hair is a good start
  4. Definitely like the head, Mike is a micro guy on many of his stuff
  5. I have never fished the moorish, true be told, I seem to fish one or two times a year and Steelhead is my passion
  6. That’s a junior fugly, the original is too big for my hands and believe it’s over kill. Love the bobbin, burned through one, second has held up fine, thanks for the comment
  7. No one game for a critter fly? I can try a mouse, or mouse rat?
  8. I’m up for it if you don’t mine
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