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  1. Yes, I remembered the "composite" term and Bam! But thank you big time for posting.
  2. Yeah, mine came today! Nice job guys, not sure I’m going to touch any just now:)
  3. putting a backdrop behind flys would make for better photo
  4. Finally made it to post office, in the mail
  5. Graham was very active on this site, but its been a couple of years since he's been here, I chat with him periodically on facebook. He is always busy making realistic fly's for special effects bugs on many well know recent movies.
  6. welcome aboard, grab a danish and pull up a chair, this is a great forum with many people with common interests.
  7. Stacking a bass bug to make it look cool is one thing, making one that "keels"/ tracks correctly when fished is another.
  8. So your comment of your own tying is interesting. We all judge ourselves when tying, and we all learn with each fly, (except those 1500 dozen fly's a year guys). It might make for better pic's that you install a light back drop. The fly above will fish fine.
  9. Cphuebert Love the Grey Ghost, Have fished it with great luck!,
  10. Yeah, deer hair is tough to purchase online unless you can ask for specific type/length. When tying comparaduns, muddlers , collars , bass bugs , they all require a certain type . I have been using Pat Cohens site lately, ( since Chris Helm ) passed . rusperfly.com. Whitetail fly tieing supplies, whitetailflytieing.com. You can ask for hair for comparaduns and thats what youll get. When tying the bigger bugs you want coarse long hair, 2" or longer. I think you can call directly with Whitetail and speak directly to Mike or Nancy and they can get you going , they know their Hair.
  11. Flies are done, need to venture out which is difficult with the lock down in place. will make a trip out on Monday.
  12. Flyguy638 was setup because I couldn’t access my original profile which had been corrected. My actual screen name is Bruce Derington and will be using it moving forward, here is what I am sending, Green Butt Skunk variation
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