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  1. No problem guys, I think the last one I was in was last years😎
  2. We didn’t touch a fish on the oak! Sandy was the ticket. Destroyed them on the Elk, up high
  3. What a trip, perfect weather and fish were on the feed
  4. Had both, definitely Spartan is min version. Great for travel vice. You can get 3 different jaws for HMH
  5. The Forged in 🔥 dude knows what he’s doing
  6. When you explained what you just wrote, it tells us that you got it! Knowing the slight flaws is half the battle, now you need to be in charge of where and how the materials act. They can’t dictate where they go, your the captain, keep at it, great job so far
  7. I think your doing great. As you now know, certain materials can give you fits. Many challenges on each advancing step. Any advice , I would say tail a bit long and there are ways to getting wings to sit a bit lower by having the proper ‘base’ making sure there is slight taper to last body section. I sometimes throw two turns over throat hackle once it’s tied in, allowing for smooth base. Difficult to explain. If wing collapses when tying in I remove, re marry then steam which will straighten up the unruly butts. Head looks great and fly is nicely tied!
  8. As they say, those dogs will hunt!
  9. I have fished alit of the greenbutt flies nice job
  10. Let us know how those work Nice job
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