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  1. Here in Michigan we get a great run of Kings and Coho, and in some areas the Atlantic’s show up in numbers. They ALL take egg sac’s, Roe, flies and streamers
  2. I love the site, visit it daily, compared to the old days this is a tame forum.
  3. LESSON 7 is the one that puts you shape. so important to understanding that you dictate where that feather goes , so knowing structure of feather rachis and how it reacts to thread pressure is 🔑 Fun Stuff That fly I tied above was fourteen years ago! I mean I still actively tie, sort of lost track of those days. Years ago we had a CLASS ROOM SECTION where we could meet in real time and I held many classes, we all tied together and if someone had a question I could immediately go back and re tie, yep the good old days. Met many many tiers, most not active here anymore. We couldn’t get the forum tiers to host any and I got burned out and the cost to keep it running became too much. Bacj to Lesson 7, great stuff right there. p.s. It’s been awhile but I got all my hooks from Ron
  4. Edwin was a member on our Classic forum and we all knew him Well. Interesting but very sad story. He put some of us in a bad way by posting on our trading floor, posting things like , “ I’m selling off some Indian Crow To buy a new flute”. When the story broke we were dumb founded. It is a challenge to find the real thing, and I’m sure many question the trail of origins after Rist’s thievery
  5. Definitely have those tuned in, nice patterns
  6. I like seeing new guys sink their teeth into these. This is good effort and it looks like your on the right track, setting wings are challenging and you got them setting nicely. Yeah it’s fun playing with material, from learning how the rachis of a feather responds when “tying” in, to how to properly marry simple wings, it’s a challenge that you learn to master with time and Quality material.
  7. Yeah a lot of nice 👍 going on here. Love the kori dividing colors, makes that wing pop!
  8. Just watched it today, I have seen most of his , great resource
  9. Let me know what other techie things you want to see and I’ll try and put something together
  10. Hers a video on how Poul Jorgensen uses schlappen to build the stacked wing fly
  11. This particular pattern I got from Poul Jorgensen and his stacked wing procedure and technique is to stack, comb out then mount But note that I’m using Schlappen in this case. Poul always combed out his wings b4 mounting, whether it was Schlappen, goose shoulder, or died turkey
  12. I was lucky enough to tie with him. We had him at one of our shows and I was his escort all weekend so I took advantage
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