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  1. Classic’s will strengthen thread control in working with those types of materials. You have definitely cracked that nut! I know you realize this But these flies are tough and the placement of a single feather can give of Fit’s, great job
  2. Deer hair Bugs HOOK: Predators 2/0; 4/0 Tail: buck tail, saddle hackle, flash, marabou Skirt: Deer hair Body: multiple colors stacked Eyes: holographic Legs: rubber
  3. Your progress is really remarkable
  4. Hook: 1/0 B10S Tails: Buck tail, feathers and flash, marabou, followed by stacked belly hair for collar Body: (6) colors on the left fly, (4) on the right Eyes: Plastic eyes solid and centipede legs
  5. In the early eighties I lived in New Smyrna, worked out of Ponce inlet, mate on a party boat. Many times we’ve removed hooks from customers, ( 68 people limit) at there request. The biggest being a double shank 5/0, pushed it through to the barb, snip and out, guy almost fainted trying to push it through.
  6. Nice frog. Get my blades through Amazon
  7. I probably use the black packer most the Greg Stine packer $ 38 delivered
  8. Ya, luv those scissors, I use Anadromous as well and I use fugly junior, and another from a guy , Greg Stine. I do use a steamer on most. I have the original fugly but it’s too big for me
  9. Had to try another bug with same colors, front fly finished this morning Hook: PR320 2/0 Tail: Buck tail, flash, guinea, polar fiber, marabou Body: yellow, green, Light olive, black, bright yellow Eyes: Hollow graffic Legs: centipede
  10. Nice, waxing your thread will help with finishing off head
  11. Bass Bug Hook: Predator 2/0 Tail: Buck tail, flash, Guinea, Polar fiber, Marabou Skirt: Yellow, green, olive, black, bright yellow Body: same as above ( stacked) Eyes: hollow graphic Legs: centipede
  12. Keeping with the theme Hook: 2/0 Predator Tail: Buck tail, polar fiber, flash , Guinea , Marabou Skirt: Peach, Orange Body: Peach, Orange, Purple, Orange ( stacked) Eyes: med. Plastic Legs: Centipede
  13. Last for the month Hook: 2/0 Predator Tail: Buck tail, SF fiber, flash, polar fiber followed by Marabou Skirt: Nature Spirit spinning hair, light peach , orange Body: Stacked peach, orange, purple, black Head: Orange Eyes: Dragon eyes 5 mm
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