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  1. I'd like a 3XL Maroon shirt, please. Grtzzz... Sjo
  2. Mine is done, can you give me an addy? Sjo
  3. :cheers: :drunk: Oops, missed that one too! Happy birthday Deeky!! Grtzzz... Sjo
  4. I'd like to be in on this, if you take continental (European) tiers. In my opinion copper is natural, but copper wire is manmade. So is tinsel, but what the heck, I don't dictate the rules, it's just my opinion. :dunno: Sjo
  5. I got mine two days ago and I must say that this one will really be a challenge for me. I've got no idea what to do with the material I got. That's of course what makes life interesting. I've got tod do some research, but in the end it will work out nice,,,, I hope Sjo
  6. My Scuds are done, I need a forwarding adress. Hook: Partridge H3ST #14 Tying thread: Gray 10/0 Marc Petitjean Body: shaped with lead, tying thread and lacqer, formed with pliers Dubbing: Gray Mink Ribbing: shiny copper thread, UNI Tails and whiskers: dark gray CdC Back: double strip off Heron fibers, under which a dun hackle. Sjo
  7. Sorry Salmonid, going to be a little difficult to move the date back....... considering it hasn't been set yet. We'll give Cheri a few more days and go from there. Deeky Good call Deeky! Sjo
  8. My material is in the post also, posted them yesterday. Sorry for any inconvenience, I had them lying around and simply forgot the duedate. Sorry again. Sjo
  9. 11 for the trees, 1 for the fish and one for our friend Geozip!! Sjo
  10. I'm in if you take European tiers. Sjo I'll do a gray scud # 14
  11. Okay Deeky, if you think we can work it out please send me your adress so I can send my materials in. Grtzz Sjo ps thanks alot, I really like this swapidea!
  12. That's not the case Deeky. I'm referring to the Old Continent and in my case i.e. The Netherlands. If you can take me we must work something out as a compensation for your costs paying twice for postage to the Netherlands. We can do Paypal, or I send you some extra flies or materials or whatever. Please let me know if I can still partcipate in your swap and how I can compensate you for your costs. Sjo
  13. I'm game if you take Continentals. sjo
  14. Mine were sent out the 7th, they should arrive soon now. Sjo
  15. I really have not the foggiest idea of what you mean with crease flies. I've never heard off them. Sjo
  16. Oh boy, what a great bunch off flies. I'm proud that mine are in there too. Thanks for organizing this amazing swap. Sjo
  17. I was not totally pleased with the CdC emergers and I sent some PTnymphs instead. It's a delta winged variety, I like it very much for fishing faster streams!! Sjo
  18. I'm in, I'll do an olive/brown mottled Bugger Sjo :headbang:
  19. 3 CdC emergers are ready to go! Sjo
  20. mine are done, need an addy! Sjo
  21. Flies are done, need an addy! Sjo
  22. Paypalled 30 bucks. Sjo Crapels Kloosterkoolhof 12 6415 XT Heerlen The Netherlands, Eu
  23. What's the due date?? Sjo
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