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  1. Filet the meat off the breast and dredge it in a spiced up flour breading. Deep fry and wet with wing sauce. Buffalo Dove Bites. And the wing covert feathers make wicked soft hackles...
  2. I love my Peak and use it more than my Regal or NorVise.
  3. What's the tail material in the first one? All of those will catch fish - keep it up!
  4. I'm in St. Louis. Taking my son to the Current tomorrow...
  5. I can't believe I missed this! Sometimes life gets in the way - been super busy at home and at work recently. Hope all is well with everyone - with any luck, I'll get some more time at the vice and here as well.
  6. I got a $100 box with Regal Medallion in the bottom once...
  7. I fished my dove/muskrat soft hackle at Taneycomo (SW MO) last weekend and absolutely tore up the trout. They ignored my scuds altogether, which is very unusual...
  8. Got mine today - nice flies from everyone. Thanks for hosting.
  9. In the mail. Please keep any extras...
  10. Addy, Please. And Merry Christmas to all!
  11. #14 "Red-Headed Dove Rat" Red Glass Bead Muskrat Dubbing Mourning Dove Collar I was hoping to get them finished this week, but I've been called out of town for work... Hopefully next weekend...
  12. Well, I was going to say I'm in, but you beat me to it! My Bald Eagle/Spotted Owl scud would have been perfect for this, but I'll pick a different critter and let you know.
  13. Can we get a picture of the hopper for inspiration?
  14. Bob - just wondering if mine showed up. I think I completely forgot to put my name on the box - but they were shipped in a small aluminum cigar tin...for an added attractant smell...
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