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  1. tied up chironomids, about 6, some foam bugs, and more leeches
  2. i saw this at wholesale sports last night and checked it out. seems pretty solid. i don't need anything super great at the moment, just want an upgrade. thanks! sounds good! the mongoose looks like a very nice vise. thanks everyone!
  3. tied up 4 marabou umbrella leeches to equal 13 for a fly swap
  4. i call my truck the silverbullet and my favorite number is 32. i use this name on every forum i am on. i too am 17. there are only about two other kids my age that i know that tie. and i shoot trap, so i am well used to being around the older generations, kinda cool, they teach me a lot of very very useful stuff.
  5. i enjoy tying alot so i take my time, usually tying about 5 flies a night if i get a chance. i tied a dozen the other day and i thought that was alot. i have mostly been tying leeches though, so chironomids take like 2 minutes lol
  6. hey everyone, i am wanting to upgrade to a rotary vise, and the griffin odyssey spider is right at the peak of my budget. i really want a pedastal vise, but i can weld up my own base pretty easily. have any of you guys tied on this vise? looks pretty good to me, i saw it at my local wholesale sports, and it looks decent. thanks guys http://www.amazon.com/Griffin-Odysse.....;/dp/B0002O069O LJ
  7. wow those look great. i set the wood duck one as my wallpaper
  8. hey kirk thanks so muc! this really helped out, i will experiment later today and post up the results. i oh and that is my camera in the link..it always used to take excellent pictures right out of the box but i think the last user like my mom or dad threw it out of it's default settings. should i mess around with the ISO? this helped alot! Loren
  9. hey guys, so i have a kodak z740 camera. i am having a incredibly hard time at taking decent pictures of flies. i am by no means a photographer, but i would like to be better. i've tried zooming in/out, using settings for smaller objects, flash, no flash, i made a white paper aparatus and got much better pictures, but i can't get them very crisp. so is there a setting i need to use? i am gonna try some with a tripod and extra lighting, but i would just really like to get some better pictures. thanks guys!
  10. i would agree with most guys on here. sure, durability is important. but i love tying so much that i learned to tie before i learned to cast the damn things. so if i catch just one fish on each fly, i am satisfied because i defeated the fish, and i defeated the flies that you can buy. but on some flies i will put extra effort into durability, because sometime flies come apart just from casting. just my two cents LJ
  11. i would just run the gurgle pop like it is. check out this site for excellent tips, tying instructions, and special little tips http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/links2.asp
  12. $20 bucks says he will love it! lol, that thing is very nice, when you giving me one?
  13. welcome to the hobby. its a great hobby and we all love it. fisrt off, the cabelas table looks nice, however not much storage space. i just have and old desk with three drawers on each side full of random stuff. if you have high speed internet, go on youtube for a wide selection of bass fly tying lessons. i tie alot of bass flies myself, and i like them the most. i get my material at sportsmans warehouse, which is now wholesale outfitters. its an ok price but it gets the job done. check out local craft stores to save alot of money on indentical materials, except feathers, always buy high as grade as possible if you want a nice apperaing fly. although cheap materials work well to teach you. any questions just ask on here or send me a PM. Loren
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