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  1. Great surprise in the mail. I think my crickets weren't up to everyone elses tying level. Very good ties everyone. Sam
  2. Once again Gentlemen, I wanted to just let you all know how sorry I am about having to withdraw from the 2 swaps because of the move. I hope to join in some once we get settled in, however, with this new job I am thinking my tying is going to be halted for a few months. Thank you all for understanding. Sam
  3. Well i am a tier on the move and my wife is mad as hell that I spent more time packing and organizing my material than anything else. However we are going to CO. So that leads me to my next question. Where in South East CO can I buy materials?? Also Where is good place to go fishing? Any of you in that part of the country? I will be about 70 miles east of Trinidad and 55 miles SE of La junta. How is the Arkansas below John martin? Sam
  4. Big J, I know this is bad since i pushed for this swap, but i must pull out if you dont mind. I am sure Breambuster might like this one. I Have got to try to be packed and ready to move by the 16th and with 2 kids and a wife. I am hustling. I am so sorry. I am only about half done and don't think i can get them done in time. Thanks for understanding. Sam
  5. Thanks guys. I will be in Kim about 75 miles east of Trinidad. Sam
  6. Gentleman as much as I hate to ask this if I can withdraw from this swap I would appreciate it. I just got hired in CO and need to be out there asap. It is a long move from NW AR. I hope that is not a problem. If You need me too I can try to knock them out real quick, but i just have a plate full as I have just gotten home from the interview. Thank you so much. Sam Hall
  7. I had a fishpond bag that is the small one. It was handy at first as I only had a few things. Now however.... I have the box my vice came in so I just use that to stick my vise in. Sort out all my materials in bags and stick it in a duffel bag. I have been tying since june and it is amazing how much stuff gets gathered in. I am now about to be moving and think i will need a truck just for tying stuff.
  8. I want one! just got thru looking at the site and I am scared that my drool has ruined my keyboard. BEAUTIFUL work!!
  9. went out friday, they should be there soon??? let me know
  10. Thanks MR. Vegas! That was my question. I am heading out to CO for a few days and depending on if I get the job or not I will be either ordering some next week or it will be after we get settled in to a new house which might put my tying on hold for a few months. Sam
  11. bead head pheasant tail emerger, if you will have me! SamH
  12. those are what i was calling spade end. Maybe perchjerker and i could take them off your hands! I am needing some in a bad way. SamH
  13. Should go out thursday or friday. Cricket nymph been using for awhile now. Just started tying them and the first project with eyes. Hope you all like them. Breambuster got a couple surprises for you. Give you an idea they are my fist with FISHSKULLS. I damn sure like them after tying up yours. Need you address. SamH
  14. New here myself. Where abouts in Kansas??? Sam
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