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  1. Bob, thanks for sending me the flies. :yahoo: They all look great. I will put them to good use. Now all I need is for my broken wing to heal. Thanks Johnny Utah for stepping up for me in my time of need. Thanks again. Roy Jrbean1 :headbang:
  2. thanks for stepping up and filling my slot. Even though I am miles away I still feel like you guys are good freinds roy
  3. Bob I sent you a message but just wanted to post on forum so the others will know. Just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to ty the flys for the swap. I was snowmobling and broke my arm in 2 places and have pins in it so i am out of doing anything for a while. I just had to go out for one last ride before the trails were closed. I should have listen to my gut and not have gone,,,Sorry for any problems that this might have caused. I am even out of fishing opening day. I hope you all understand. Sorry Roy Jrbean1
  4. Sign me up. I am in. Fly pattern will be beaded pheasant tail.. Thanks
  5. I am in. Will let you know what I will be tying. Need to get to tying to past the winter blues, Jrbean1
  6. Recieved mine yestersday. Nice set of flys thanks for hosting the swap.Will be going fishing with my 10yr old neice. Hopfully the fish will cooperate. :dunno: Even if the fish dont cooperate we will still have fun.. Roy Jrbean1
  7. I will be shipping mine out on Monday 6.21 Roy Jrbean1
  8. Flies are in the hand of the postal service. Roy Jrbean1
  9. sounds like a good plan. Roy Jrbean1
  10. they are nice set of flies. Thanks Rp3flyfisher If you ever host another swap I will send you addictional monies to cover the extra cost that you put out for shipping my flies. Jrbean1 Roy
  11. nice set of flies Thanks guys and jared sartini for hosting Roy jrbean1
  12. rockworm, I pm you about the missing fly. Roy
  13. I just want to thank you all who sent in their flies to me. As I said they will be shipped out on Monady 5/24. I am sorry that I could not post pics but I missed place the wire to connect the camera to the computer. You will also getting the extra flies back due to a couple people that did not send in their flies.. Also thanks for the flies for the host. Cannot wait to do a swap again. I might be able to get these flies wet this week. Any other questions please pm me. Thanks again :headbang: Roy Jrbean1
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