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  1. Sorry they are late. I sent them last week, should arrive tuesday or wednesday by what the post office told me.
  2. Will a long articulated fly suffice?
  3. I'm in for sure! International swapper here but I will include return postage cost..
  4. Got my flies out here in Hong Kong ther other day. I guess that closes the books on deliveries to a few different continents! Thanks to the organizers & all the tyers, I really like the flies! Dan
  5. Anyone know what's going on with the FTOTY this year or am I jumping the gun? I know the usual due date is December/January.... Dan
  6. Mine just arrived today. Not so sure about the others..
  7. I finally received my flies over here in Hong Kong today. Thanks to everyone who helped make this swap a success and a special thanks to Annie. Your flies are awesome and you deserved the win! Jimboha! thanks for sending in my streamers as well! Dan
  8. When you get dropouts and/or lose contact with numerous participants of your swap. I believe this can result in the willing and active swap participants to lose faith in you as a swapmeister!
  9. I'm tying up some Tarpon style flies in #1 & stainless hooks....I've already attached all the weedguards!!
  10. I thought weed guards were necessary as well.....oh well. Any idea as to a due date right now?
  11. Just out of curiosity, are we shipping down under?
  12. I'll be tying something....'cool'
  13. Please count me in! Thanks. Dan
  14. Lazybugger - Do you have a tracking no. for your package by any chance or did you send it by general mail?
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