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  1. Poopdeck, you mentioned using Melita brown filter. Is that any different than the Melita white? I am building the same system as you described
  2. What is your preference for fishing river Bass with a 7 or 8 wt line? I have been using one for several years but they seem to pick up an off color after a while. Making it quite obvious to me and perhaps the fish. Any good recipes for mono or flouro hand tied leaders?
  3. bullhead


    I cringe when people hold largemouth bass horizontal by the lower lip. Must take a while for the fish to put its jaw back where it is suppose to be.
  4. Consider using Gator blades. Been using on college campus for years. https://www.oregonproducts.com/en/professional-products/lawn-and-garden/mower-blades/gator-mulching-blades/c/g6-mulchingblade-p Bullhead
  5. I like this version. I tried other assembly methods, filter material etc. but had poor results. With your filter material do you get an even flow of air around the powder?
  6. I have used small pieces of "No Pest Strip" placed inside a pill container with small holes drilled in it . Placed inside of plastic storage container with material
  7. Yeah Mike I am somewhat of a perfectionistt. It was off a little bit. I tweaked the running eyes just a smidge and all is well. Thanks to all. Bullhead
  8. Well I epoxied the tip, aligned and set to cure. It settled and alignment is off. How can I remove to redo without destroying the blank? Bullhead
  9. Hi All, I have just about finished with my first fly rod build. Perhaps this is a silly question but what do you use to create a glossy finish on the entire rod? and what is the difference between thread sealer and epoxy for the guides? Bullhead
  10. Thanks to both of you! As I wade for in the reeds for panfish it is nice to have a quick retrieve of slack line to keep from tangling around debris. Now to take apart to clean and lubricate.
  11. Geetings all, On a whim, I picked up two of these for three bucks each at a local pawn shop. Number 1140 model C. Can anyone tell me how they function? In particular the side knurled knob on one side of the reel? Bullhead
  12. Tell me about it, please. How does it work?
  13. Hi all, I have some 2mm craft foam and want to try tieing hopper patterns. what do you suggest for the foam width for different hooks? Am I correct to size with the hook gape?
  14. Anyone tie with this material? Is there a similar material that can be a close substitute? Bullhead
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