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  1. From Hobby Lobby. Have any of you used this? I wonder if it compares to loon, solarez, and others. UV Resin | Hobby Lobby | 2088136
  2. Thanks all. It will be quite a job to do and best to keep it the way it is. Bullhead
  3. Hello, I was given a 7wt rod built by a friend but the cork is shaped like a cigar. I want to replace with a full wells handle. How can I remove the old, salvage the reel seat and replace? Is this possible? can
  4. Thanks for the information. I will experiment with 6, 8 and 10 pound mono and fluor. 90 percent of my fishing is for river smallmouth with poppers, Clousers and large streamers Bullhead
  5. Hello, I am using Kathy Scott's video for furling. I am looking for the pound test mono or fluor to use. I am throwing 7 and 8 wt lines. Thanks Bullhead
  6. Hello, A little information , please. I recently purchased Wulff "Ambush" 9W and was wondering if I can attach a lead core section to the end. I will be fishing for bass and pike in lakes. What are your suggestions on how to attach and the length of the leader? Any other tips will be appreciated. Bullhead
  7. Hi, I have trouble with this product as it is so thick it does not sqeeze out of needle applicator. Is there a way of thinning this out? Bullhead
  8. Hi All, Anyone use Kold Kutter cleats for slippery rocks. Simms brand are to spendy for me. I have tried size 8 sheet metal screws and was not satisfied with them. Bullhead.
  9. The LC 13 looks like the ticket. Any suggestion on length? I am using the Wulff Ambush shooting head nine weight on a 9W rod for smallmouth bass in fast water.
  10. Hello, I am looking for bulk sinking line material to make different lengths of tips. Any suggestion? Bullhead
  11. Check this out. The finest leg material and color selection that I have seen and used. Fly Tying Materials | Fly Tying Recipes | Fly Tying Supplies | Fly Tyers Dungeon | Fly Tying Supplies
  12. Hello, Looking at cutting popper heads out of flip flop sandals. Have any of you built a jig to cut consistent bodies? similar to to the Zudbubbler body. Cheers
  13. I like casting lead on hooks and tying bucktail jigs. I have some number 9 lead shot i would like to use up. i believe it is an alloy. Will this sub for 100% lead or is it too hard? Cheers Bullhead
  14. Anyone else see UV resin smoke briefly when hit with the torch? I am using Solarrez and Ultrafire torch.
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