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  1. Lots of videos out there. Master Wire Supply on Amazon is popular for brush makers looking for inexpensive 50’ or 550’ spools of stainless wire. I suggest you look on oasis benches.com and his video on dubbing table to get ideas and pit falls to avoid if you are making your own. The oasis bench can spin from both sides and keeps the fibers (hair, flash, synthetics) under just enough tension to hold the material at right angle while you comb out with dog/pet brush. I don’t see the reasoning or advantage for a 40” brush, especially with a wire core. I’m probably missing your intent.
  2. Simply elegant. This is a beauty. To me the “Wow factor” is the tapered body that puts it over the top. Don’t know if the underbody is built of thread or all floss but thanks for sharing this one and all of your others. the body is danvilles 4 strand floss
  3. Put me down for a dollar on grizzly schlappen. I guess I could dig out my copy of Veverka’s Innovative Saltwater Flies where capt. Lemay’s flies are featured.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback and thanks for taking on the quack.
  5. Gartside pheasant hopper (Galloup’s variant) size 10 next challenge is the … give me a few minutes the one I picked was recently done. next fly is the Quack 35 or so years ago l called up the Dette’s shop and ordered a couple dozen+ flies from Winnie. She helped select them and included the Quack. Mary passed away a couple weeks age at 93. There is a good chance she tied the coffin flys I got. Perhaps she tied some of the others. RIP Mary
  6. We used these when I was in Junior high in the early 60’s. 7th grade was print shop with Mr Piro. You can find them on EBay, yard sales, & flea mkts (didn’t look on Etsy or Craigslist). Just search on Antique print type drawer or tray. I’m not recommending you actually buy one but if you are looking for a woodworking project it may give you some ideas. Thanks for sparking the memory.
  7. Bruce - beautiful work as always. Reminds me of some of the Mike George or that guy from Italy (Fabrizio ??) sculptures. question if you got a second. The first picture shows the fly in the vise secured by the very end of the shank with the hair stacked all the way to the rear. The third picture is a great shot of the hook connected to the shank. How did you attach the hook once the bug was complete? I’m thinking the 4th photo is a belly weight? thanks
  8. I looked on eBay and saw more Evinrude Elto engines, parts, gasket kits, manuals, brochures, decals and stuff than I would have imagined. Seems like there were lots of models. There is one mint engine that fits in a suit case looking box that the seller is looking for twelve thousand. This is more than a challenge. Keep us posted on your work and thanks for sharing.
  9. Bob Pop’s hollow fleye freshly tied in my cold basement next fly up is a choice between a couple of older patterns. a) Montana stone fly b) Hornberg Muddler. We had the hornberg and the muddler but not the hybrid.
  10. Don’t know how l never acquired a CFO but I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned a drawer full of favorites including - In 1982 l bought a new 3 3/8ths Hardy Perfect to commemorate the birth of my son. In 89 I picked up a Hardy featherweight for the birth of my daughter. I learned that you could just pick up the phone and call a fly/tackle shop in the UK, skipping Hardy USA markup, subtract 15% VAT and save a bundle of money. (Got a few xtra spools for the perfect, another Hardy and a Wheatley box.) Have a few 1492, 1494s & 1495.5. One has been tricked out by the late one-Pfoot guys. The others have been modded with the one-Pfoot reel feet to better fit modern reel seats. Oh, I also got a Hardy St George on a UK close out a few years ago that is still in the box. My prize is a bi-metal Kineya 301 loaded with a 4.5 wt synthetic silk line that matches a couple of bamboo rods that haven’t seen the water since moving away from trout rivers. On the Saltwater side of the house my favorites are a cork disc drag Abel 3n, a danielsson (formerly Loop) medium/large arbor and a couple of Valentines (95 & 101 which look like pfluegers) and a Ross Canyon-4. I totally agree with Stan Bogdan on trout reels. Their main purpose is to simply hold the line to and from fishing locations.
  11. Thanks for the review of the show. I’m still trying to process why they would reintroduce the McKenzie vise into a tough market full of superior choices. This is a show I used to look forward to, especially spending a couple hours on tyer’s row watching the legends and coming home with a small bag of loot. My dizzy fish tee shirts must be twenty something years old and ready to disintegrate. There was an entry somewhere a couple of years ago that broke down what it cost a good size materials vendor to attend one of these venues. It gave me an appreciation of why they will never be the same and why most attendees come away disappointed.
  12. Stockard is the only paper catalog I still get. Not like the days when you would get a bunch this time of year. Funny, I had counted the 24 pages of hooks as well and all the brands. I’m an old curmudgeon so complaining about prices today compared to the old days feels natural but average Fulling Mill brand buck tails are selling for $25 minus a nickel. Glad I’m all set.
  13. Just another Muddler Monday Mummichog Muddler Hook is #4 saltwater streamer thread - 100d nano silk tail/wing - yellow dyed mallard flank Rib - medium wire body - scruffy dubbing loop head & collar - yellow olive deer hair Muddler hook - (4 to 16) this is an 8 thread = nano silk tail and wing - matched turkey center tail segments body - gold braid under wing - tan calf tail head & collar - spun deer hair (even tips in hair stacker)
  14. Very impressive and quite an accomplishment. There must be an interesting backstory worthy of a hallmark movie. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Hook and Hackle sold seal dubbing for a short while in the 80’s. I picked up a bunch of colors. They still have the paper hook & hackle tag in them. A small fly shop in NE Mass had a small drawer full of seal packets that he got from another shop that went out of business. I bought some black and different shades of olive that I use for seal buggers and haven’t tied a bugger with chenille for the last twenty years. With the modern threads, the little spinning gadgets and a little YouTube instruction I find it easy to make a dubbing loop for lots of materials including seal. Wish I picked up this technique earlier.
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