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  1. I haven’t been on here in awhile but here is a 2/0 deer hair popper
  2. Haven't posted in quite awhile. Here's some recent hair bugs
  3. http://saintmariesflies.com/product-category/fly-tying-materials/deer-hair/ I sell it on my website. Mine is all hand picked for tying bass bugs (poppers, divers, etc.) I tie and sell alot of bass bugs and dont sell any hair that I wouldn't use myself.
  4. Some big hair bug orders have been hitting the mail.
  5. Deer hair diver on a 2/0 kona xtra strong stinger hook
  6. Those are beautiful, great job!! Ray Thank you!!
  7. Haven't posted anything in awhile. Here is some recent bass bugs.
  8. A few frogs and a couple perch colored poppers
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