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  1. I seen where pat was selling im sure it is good stuff if he is using it. I was under the idea that chris quit selling materials because he was having health issues but I could be wrong.
  2. I'm wondering where you experienced guys order your deer hair for stacking and spinning from. I have ordered the dyed belly hair from jstockard and found it to be decent stuff. I know it is kind of one of those things you need to inspect before you buy. I guess what I am asking is who you have faith in to deliver a quality product online.
  3. Like everyone has already stated borax is the best thing you can use. Just make sure you scrape the hide really good and stretching it a bit helps in this process. Last year I did 3 hides all with borax and salt. I would also recommend washing the hide in dawn dish soap,after you skin it, it helps remove alot of blood and oils from the hair. The guys on the trapper forum swear it has to be the blue dawn dish soap.
  4. Dronlee nice tie. Latex is an amazing material to tie with. I'm curious as to how thick the latex is that you tie with because you seem to get a more pronounced segmented body than I do.
  5. these videos remind me of one of my friends haha
  6. I heard this same question today on the orivs podcast. Tom said not to use on flies for fish with a good sense of smell. Im not so sure i would agree with it, I use sally hansens almost on every nymph, i have caught lots of fish, but maybe I could be catching more because Tom sure has a heck of alot more knowledge about the sport than i will probably ever have. I think there needs to be a study done....
  7. most fly tying threads are waxed helping them hold the materials better when really locked down. you can wax your own thread but it would be a hassel, fly tying thread is fairly cheap and u can pretty much get away with 2 colors white and black. the white can be colored to what ever color you would like with a sharpie
  8. great article. haha not so sure i would tie up that pattern, looks like a mess
  9. The renzetti traveler is a very good vise and will hold hooks from 4/0 down to 32. I have tied on mine for about 8 years now and have put out thousands of flies with it. The jaws are still in amazing shape and still dont slip hooks. I cant speak for the patriot never tied on one, but the quality product that renzetti puts out seems to stand about the rest in my opinion.
  10. Terje, you are on a roll . Once again, impressive work. That midge tubing looks realistic when it is weaved like that.
  11. I also questioned how effective these flies were until i was fishing elk springs resort, a notorious small fly river. The only thing they would hit was a size 28 black midge pattern and i caught so many fish on that small fly it amazed me. Im officially a firm believer in small flies now.
  12. Always a joy to see your dry flies Terje. Do you find when you segment your extended bodies with flash to be more effective?
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