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  1. Im spending a week on summerland key in January, any tips or ideas for fishing? Fly, spin or bait, from the shore/dock, what can I hope to catch and how?! Happy new year to you all, Simon
  2. I guess that begs the question why you need 2 CAEs? Love those cartoons! I have a holiday cottage by the sea and spend quite a lot of time there hence one vise in each place. Having tied on lots of vises I couldn't bear to be without a CAE as I can't afford a LAW. Charlie has supplied CAE vises to the USA before, he has a client in California who has more than one. The vises cost about £450 depending on model, at current exchange rates that's about $585 plus shipping. With our crumbling economy that's a bargain for you guys! This is the original one I got: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7061/6825741394_7819a44ec2_z_d.jpg Tight threads, Simon
  3. I looked at the pro-vise at BFFI earlier this year. I wasn't impressed with the quality of workmanship, the jaws didn't meet properly and looked like they'd struggle to hold small hooks. Also there is no second hinge so the jaws are more limited in positioning than my CAEs. Might have been slight seconds on display, but I wouldn't swap. My 2 CAEs cost less than 1 pro-vise Simon
  4. Ah, but some of us discerning Brits have a CAE Vise: http://www.caeengineeringservices.com/products/ I have 2, one with the miniature jaws for my river flies and a standard one for larger work. Can't fault them! Tied thousands of flies on mine without any problems. They're the closest thing to a LAW that I've seen, that are still being made. Simon
  5. Here's a method I use, you can even get Veet for men! Simon
  6. Tapered leader to fly-line, needle knot Tippet to tapered leader, surgeons knot. Fly to tippet, grinner knot I've gone off loop to loops for dry flies, I don't like the hinge effect. The above setup seems to transfer the energy more smoothly and leads to more accurate casts in my hands! Simon
  7. Being teetotal, it's Puer tea from Yunnan province in China! Sometimes Sheng (raw), sometimes Shu (Fermented) depending on my mood. Simon
  8. I've removed him from my contacts list - my phone's now Hans free!!!! (Courtesy of Edinburgh Fringe)
  9. The stem is 11mm on my CAE vise. Definitely very interested in any tool that makes Wally wings easier! Getting the fold right and tying in is an absolute pain! Let us know when you're in production Simon
  10. A table full of North Country spiders and traditional flies. I've filmed tying them all and uploading to Youtube as I can, will post on here as well. I know its been debated ad nauseum, but traditional patterns can be just as successful as modern ones with synthetics. Trout and insects haven't changed! If they caught a century ago, they'll catch today. Season's best wishes. Enjoy! Simon
  11. Oh Crackaig, Those are my kind of flies!!! Simon
  12. I've had one for a few years and love it. Tied thousands of flies on it and no problem. Once had to get a joint adjusted, it was Charlie's original design which he's now changed. Fantastic service, no charge and a good bloke to deal with! In answer to your question yes its a quality product, you'll have to contact Charlie for prices! I can't afford a LAW. My CAE allows me to get the jaws at any angle without anything behind my left hand. The angle of the jaws to the long axis allows this. Most vises have the jaws set at right angle to the supporting rod, which doesn't allow for angling so theres nothing behind the hook. Ive just got a Cottarelli Traveller for tying on trips, it's similar in allowing any hook position, but the jaws are very different. Hope that helps, Simon Pics of Cottarelli jaws and CAE with size 32 Tiemco hook
  13. Guinea fowl or Teal body feathers work well. Simon
  14. I post quite a few videos, not because I'm a great tyer but because I want to get better! I learn as much from average tyers like me as the experts - mainly how not to do it! My votes are for Davie, Hans and Marcus Hoffman. I can sometimes get a bit disillusioned watching them as I know I'll never reach their heights of skill. So lets see MORE tying videos from the ranks! Simon
  15. Loadsa flees! From size 24 midge pupae to size 10 Ammonites. Enjoy! Simon
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