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  1. Very nice Frank! They should work well on the Salmon river.
  2. Some good advice on this thread for sure. If you want to target perch and bass at the same time I would go with deeky’s advice and go with the Clousers. Perch are big minnow eaters as are Bass.
  3. The Hare Water Pup in black. Olive, chartreuse and brown also work well. This guy took the chartreuse one.
  4. Nice job! Should work well for Bass or Pike.
  5. Ha! That is what I was thinking. I'm like a crack addict with this stuff. Cool fly like that and I have to try and make it.
  6. Very interesting bug Kirk! How about some construction details? Hook size, body material and so on?
  7. I had to do some more Dave Whitlock flies. I use to use these on Lake Erie for smallmouth and sometimes for pike. For some reason I have not used them in a long time. They worked great back then so they should again. White Version Yellow Version Shad Version
  8. Looks like a great start brother.
  9. Thanks everyone. They are called Matzuo sickle hooks. I dont know if you can still get them. I have not seen them for sale anywhere for a long time. Who did you take the class with?
  10. I got some Flylipps a while back and after tossing some ideas around, I came up with these (see below). Not sure if they are practical for fishing yet because it is cold out and I have not had a good chance to fish them. I have dragged them through the water and they do wiggle so I suppose that is a plus. Anyone else use flylipps for something cool?
  11. Yes Kool! I would imagine it gets a bit tedious, but the results are quite impressive.
  12. Grat poppers ad great paint jobs on them. Do you apply the spots individually?
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