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    Sault stw. Marie, Ontario THATS RIGHT!
  1. Coolest dude on the river! thats awsome
  2. Druce

    Fish Pictures

    Yes I did, thank you for enjoying my trout! No, thank YOU sir! Awsome trout dude, so cool how you keyed in on his habits and took him down.
  3. Druce

    Stream survey

    Im out doing a lab today. Doing fixed-area plots to determine downed woody debris by species decomposition class. Im bringing the go pro ill post some video stuff after....this is even more boring than stream surveys.
  4. Yeah thats some well dressed fly fishing for sure
  5. soooo... how can I just do this for the rest of my life?
  6. winds got bad overnight and now im not sure if they will get worse..
  7. Druce

    Stream survey

    thx for the tip i will do that for sure, I still have a few streams i need to bring the dip net to so ill get as much footage as i can
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