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  1. Hello Stefan You should try this : http://www.taimen.com/mt/product_info.php?products_id=5818 With this: http://www.taimen.com/mt/product_info.php?products_id=5818 Any Slotted tungsten bead would do the job as long that is mounted correctly Plus with the jig hook you will nottice that the attacks are more powerfull and there are less snags on the bottom
  2. I have got the 8, 10, 12, 14 size wet fly hooks The 8 is ok, the eye of the hook some times needs a little more ajustment with the pliers 10 is ok, the same problem with the eye of the hook !2 an 14, is a pain in the ...behind.... the eye of the hook is so bad that a uni trhred 8\0 slips right thru witout touching the edges Better watch your fingers ALL THE TIME!!...super extra sharp!
  3. In the first picture, is a worm that was supposed to sink? If so, why yo did the body from foam? I would replace he foam with some mohair, to make it move a lot. In the second picture is that a chironomid? If so...i know that the chironomids are tyied on small hooks, please correct me if I m wrong Picture 3 nice stonefly :yahoo: , but a littel less dubbing makes it perfect Picture 4, the damsel, very nice, from what are the eyes made off? Pciture 5 the foam hopper, again, to much foam, dont get me wrong, i see there too littel space from the body to the point of the hook. If you want to keep the exactly design, choose a bigger gape hook that will help you set the hook more easy Picture 6 the Coachman...that is perfect...and it will chatch fish a lot of fish :yahoo: Picture 7 The streamer....ummmm i have to give you my adress...i never make it that perfect :wallbash: :bugeyes: Picture 8 I ges it shoul be a prince nymph...try to give to all yor nymphs a carrot shape Picture 9..Emerger?...again to much materials... Picture 10...is that marabou in the tail? By my taste...that tail must be a littel bit more longer and slim Sometimes less is better better for the fish PS hope you dont get this wrong...butt a critical eye get's you farther faster
  4. Thanks Eric! :headbang: Great Ideas....have a frend who is in the wood buissnes
  5. What do you use to stack hair....or are there any of you guys that have made one at home? Any Help is welcome :help:
  6. Thanks Vegas tail...some green with gold thred...it is called reflexa body peacock hackle a feather from the neck of Phasianus colchicus tenebrosus ....it is a dark with green reflexes
  7. can I see a photo with those flies on 20 and 22 zug buggin ?
  8. Chub flies....for those hot summer days,
  9. 3 dozen...36 flies? Daanng....The most flies that I have tied max 1 dozen
  10. Usually when I tie nymphs, a tungsten bead is in place of the head, that's why the 17\0 thred, it slips right behind the bead. That is the perfect way to protect the knot from the trout's teeth On wet flies, a 8\0 Black is my favorite thread
  11. Sorry for the late response, I have been busy restocking my flie box ) I m from Sibiu, there are some nice trout waters around here, if you would come in the summer, and have a free week-end, I can show you around Here is the past summer I use 17\0 for nymphs and 8\0 for dry or wet flies The great advantage with the 17 \ 0 thread, is that you can tie very well with minimum wraps of thread
  12. Stefan, what thred are you using? To me it seems that the head needs some more attention I would use a 17\0 on that flie.
  13. with a cutter, make a small cut on the side of the spool, all the Uni threads have that cut, after removing the thread from the bobin holder, simply pass the thred in that small cut
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